Evening gown brands: Women x Men – Fashion by Dior, Fendi & OhPolly

Evening dress for ladies and gentlemen – Who of us does not know it? We receive an invitation for a special party, a fancy dinner or a ball. Exactly, then the right evening dress must be there. For women, a chic evening dress must quickly come and for the men a classic tuxedo. Intended for celebrating: You can find the most beautiful evening gowns with us. Festive dresses, elegant suits, high heels with the red sole and luxurious handbags for special occasions you will find with us. Get inspired by our fashion brand list for the best evening wear. Discover the best fashion brands for business wear, teen and Spanish fashion with us.

Evening fashion brand list

You are looking for the right evening dress for a special occasion. Then you are exactly right with us. Here you will find the most sought-after fashion brands for evening gowns, nothing stands in the way of your big appearance!

Fashion brands like for evening wear: jackets and business clothes

You are looking for beautiful jackets and business clothes? Then you are exactly right here!

Jackets: Armani, Louis Vuitton and Zara

They are not only functional, but have character. If we want a warm and beautiful look for the winter, we go for a chic coat or a short down jacket. On the other hand, if we want an unforgettable office look, the oversize blazer is exactly the right choice. Every jacket makes its own statement in its own way, which is exactly why it’s no wonder why many people develop a passion for jackets.

Businesswear: Armedangels, Strellson and Isabel Marant

New job, an important assignment or a fancy dinner, means a new challenge is ahead. For this, the business look should fit perfectly. In the business world, the dress code is classic-serious. Muted colors such as white, gray, beige and black are a must. The task that the suit performs for men is taken over by the pantsuit or the costume for women. Both variations are composed of skirt or trousers with a blazer. Under the blazer is usually worn an elegant blouse.

Fashion brands: list

Are you looking for fashion brands for any category, whether for shoes, bags or jeans? Then you’ve come to the right place. In our fashion brands guide you will find all fashion brands, whether for bags, Spanish fashion or evening wear.