Valentino Garavani: brand, fashion from Italy & Rockstud shoes

Valentino – A fashion brand that enjoys being associated with luxury and elegance. The label combines dot and boho style elements to create romantic must-have pieces. To this day, Valentino has enjoyed great success and is one of the most successful fashion houses in the world. The luxury brand is particularly known for one thing: Red Carpet Designs. Thus, the fashion label designs fashion for men and women, leather accessories and extravagant haute couture. The timeless fashion stands for pure exclusivity. One particular shoe line Valentinos has made it into the hearts of all fashion lovers and no fashion connoisseur’s shoe closet can be imagined without it: the Rockstud shoes. They are worn everywhere, whether by stars on the red carpet or fashion bloggers. Learn more about the world of Valentino.

Valentino – fashion designer

Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani was born on May 11, 1932 in Milan, Italy and is one of the most important designers in the world. In addition, Valentino grew up in a wealthy family home. Stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy had themselves dressed by the designer, among others. The collections of the Italian fashion designer stand for pure elegance and an extraordinary style. In addition to his fashion collections Valentino also designs fragrances and accessories for women, as well as men.

Company history

Valentino Garavani graduated from high school and was already involved in fashion after school. In Milan he attended various courses in fashion drawing, and in 1949 he won a scholarship from the Paris Haute Couture Union, where he trained as a fashion designer in 1950. This was followed by five years of employment in the studio of Jean Dresses. He was then employed in the atelier of Guy Laroche. Valentino was drawn back to his native Italy, where he then founded his own fashion house with the managing director Modezar. He describes himself as a creative fashion designer.

His fashion collections became more and more famous over time and received numerous awards, as well as prizes. Garavani himself titled with the time only as Valentino. The name under which his fashion became a worldwide concept. One thing is clear: the fashion of Valentino stands for pure elegance and pure luxury. Thus, among others, the Dutch Crown Princess Maxima let herself be dressed by the famous designer for her wedding.

The fashion designer prefers simple designs in black, white and red. Probably his most famous trademark the bead and sequin embroidery with gold or silver lace. In 1990 he opened the artists “Accademia Valentino” in Rome, in addition Garavani has founded an association to fight AIDS. In addition to his fashion successes, Valentino equally with such achievements developed into a respected businessman. so that now there are 560 stores and 60 selected boutiques.

The high art of fashion making is characterized at Valentino by white cashmere and tweed coats, pantsuits, gold and silver cocktail dresses, evening gowns in velvet look and knitted suits with knee-length skirts. The designer works exclusively with high-quality fabrics, which he then trims with extravagant embroidery. Moreover, he deals not only with fashion, but also devotes his attention to extravagant women’s and men’s perfumes, as well as accessories.

Shoe collection

Rockrunner sneaker

Rockrunner Valentino – A women’s and men’s sneaker that is particularly popular and one of the true classics in the shoe range. The Rockrunner line has drawn more and more attention from collection to collection and not without reason. Rivets, high shoe soles and camouflage look make the shoe a real eye-catcher. The iconic sneaker is particularly distinguished by its camouflage finish, which is achieved by laser cutting nappa leather and then welding it onto a fabric base. Lastly, a print with a camouflage effect is then applied. The model is now available for purchase in a wide variety of colors. From colorful to plain, everything is there and convinces both the most stylish and conservative people. A real highlight of the sneaker: its versatility. It can be combined both sporty and chic.

Rockstud High Heel

The Rockstud shoe line is probably the most famous collection of the Italian designer, Valentino Clemente Garavani. Especially famous are the Rockstud pumps, Rockstud sneakers and Rockstud flats. The series was originally developed only as an accessory line, which first appeared in 1999. Since the first shoe collection of the Rockstud collection was introduced in 2010, there is no turning back for the Rockstud line. The collection features extravagant, studded statement designs. The trendy pieces are made of premium leather and offer an exceptional feel.

An eye-catcher on every red carpet, film release or press event. The Valentino Rockstud series can be seen countless times around the world and should not be missing in any fashion-conscious wardrobe. In addition, the shoes are available in a wide variety of models, colors and designs and enhance any outfit. Couture and yet ultra chic! The Rockstud collection has Valentino over time created an image that has established itself in the world as a first-class fashion name. For those who don’t want to go quite so high, the Rockstud Ankle Strap Mid-Heel is definitely the right choice. The heel measures 6.5 cm. The special feature of this shoe he has not only one ankle strap, but three. However, if you want to go high, the Valentino Rockstud Ankle Strap is certainly the perfect choice. The shoe features a strap around the ankle with a metal buckle. The shoe measures a heel height of 10 cm.

Extreme platform shoes

You should be able to walk on high shoes if you want to wear the new shoe trend Valentinos. Extremely high platform high heels, which the designer combines with skintight tube dresses, shorts or flared skirts. The simple robe keeps the high heels the grand entrance and is not forgotten so quickly. Because the designer relied in his previous collection completely on the opposite and let the Rockstud pumps as a flat sandal celebrate their comeback.

Valentino – fashion for women

For decades, bold red has been the trademark of the Valentino fashion house. It refines not only evening wear, handbags and high heels, but even pillows in the studio. Jessica Parker, Lilly Collins, Gigi Hadid and many other stars wear Valentino’s exclusive fashion.

Rockstuck bag

The famous Rockstuck bag is characterized by many rivets and thus lives up to its name. Despite its extravagant look, it is one of the most sought-after luxury bags and it is impossible to imagine the market without it. In its new collection Valentino relies on the “see now buy now” principle and sells the “Rockstuck Spike” bag, directly after the Paris Fashion Show. A see now buy now collection means that accessories and garments that have just been presented on the catwalk are sold directly afterwards. The “Valentino Garavani Rockstud Spike” bag, designed by Pierpaolo Piccoli, is decorated with studs and comes in a neon color palette of pink, green, blue, orange and yellow.

Voce Viva Eau de Parfum Spray

The fragrance Voce Viva invites all women to enjoy life, to make the hearts of others beat faster and to be free. The floral-woody fragrance from the fashion designer Valentino creates profound emotions and carries a message to the world. The perfume is composed of bergamot, juicy-sweet tangerine aroma and fresh ginger.

Vlogo Signature belt

Small detail – big excitement. Thanks to golden logo buckle, Valentino’s women’s belts immediately take center stage and create an extremely feminine silhouette. Not only dresses can be stylishly combined with Valentino logo belts, but also sweaters, blazers and vests on the waist. Femininity is especially emphasized by the emphasis on the waist and provides a true hourglass figure. Especially popular is the Valentino Garavani “Vlogo Signature” reversible belt made of shiny calfskin, which is available in different colors, as well as widths.

Wedding dresses

Valentino presents its haute couture gowns in white and amazes the audience. Designer Pierpaolo Piccoli presented the haute couture collection for Valentino titled “The Performance: Of Grace and Light”. The collection is one of the most exciting and elaborate gowns of the season. Supermodel Heidi Klum said yes to her husband Tom Kaulitz in an extravagant wedding gown by Valentino. The wedding dress absolutely fabulous, a floor-length, sweeping dream in white. The dress is made of white batiste, puff sleeves that are removable and a daring bustier. The former Victoria Secret Angel’s wedding dress is embroidered from top to bottom with roses in shades of white and pastel yellow. Not only Heidi, but also the net is thrilled with the stunning gown.

Accessories for animals

Valentino not only creates men’s and women’s fashion, but has now launched the Rockstud Pet collection. The collections range from collars to a variety of leashes. The exclusive Pet collection features Valentino’s signature studded design. Valentino Garavani bags, backpacks, sweatshirt and accessories can now also be customized with a unique hand-painted portrait of your own pet.

Valentino – fashion for men

Valentino is everything but a deliberate overstatement. Designer Pierpaolo Piccioli reinterprets the luxury label in a brand new way, designing stunning styles like the Rockstockrunner sneakers, label signature VLTN and VLOGO motifs, and the popular Rockstud line. The Rockstud collection is marked with striking color combinations and expressive silhouettes, and is especially popular in the men’s world. The renowned fashion brand specializes in luxurious bags, shoes and accessories that combine the past and the modern.

World famous fragrance “Born In Roma

Valentino convinces not only with fashion and accessories, but also with exclusive fragrances. The men’s perfume “Born In Roma Uomo” is particularly popular. It combines seductive sophistication with woody-fresh masculinity. Violets, spicy sage, pungent ginger and smoky vetiver characterize the fragrance. An unforgettable fragrance experience, reminiscent of a city trip through the narrow streets of Rome, the dark leather jacket worn by the rocking Valentino man on the motorcycle. The fragrance was born in Rome, just like the fashion house Valentino, and is therefore characterized by a perfume bottle decorated with rivets.


Valentino brings it despite numerous prints, with the T-shirts exactly to the point. The outerwear inspires with drawings, oversized slogans, floral designs and above all with VLTN logos. Despite the fact that the basic colors are white or black, the classic design is enriched by striking colors and camouflage patterns.


For a long time, the belt counted as a purely functional accessory in the world of men. But now the belt is one of the hottest jewelry that makes every man’s outfit an eye-catcher. Especially popular are Valentino belts made of high quality leather, rep ribbon and extravagant buckles. Valentino’s men’s belts are characterized by neutral colors, such as brown and black. In contrast to the very simple belt design, the extravagant logo and rivet buckles make for a real eye-catcher. The V-Logo Signature belt made of calfskin, the Roman Stud belt made of Vachettelder and V-Logo Signature belt made of rep band are among the most popular Valentino belts, they should not be missing in any fashion-conscious men’s wardrobe.

Valentino campaigns

Valentino is known for extraordinary and stunning campaigns. Stars like Gigi Hadid, Lady Gaga and co. are among others Valentino’s campaign faces. Find out more about the collaboration between Valentino and the stars here.

Gigi Hadid spring campaign

The world-famous Hadid sisters are represented in numerous campaigns for luxury brands, such as Valentino, Dior, Max Mara and Co. Gigi Hadid is now the new face of Valentino’s spring/summer campaign. The latest project by creative director Pierpaolo also features models Rianne Van Rompaey, Oumie Jammeh, Aurora Talarico, Felice Noordhoff and Adut Akech alongside Gigi Hadid. The six models were photographed in a New York studio by the famous star photographers, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. The aim of the campaign is to capture Valentino’s classic romantic style through dance and movement. However, a touch of glamour also runs through the new spring/summer campaign. The campaign is also strongly reminiscent of Valentino’s advertising images from the 80s.

Lady Gaga promotes Valentino perfume

Lady Gaga is the new face of the new perfume “Voce Viva”. The rosy, woody fragrance follows on from the previous fragrance success “Born in Roma Donna” and is thus set to become a new classic. The singer and actress is known for her individuality and commitment, which is why she is Valentino’s new campaign face. Lady Gaga’s powerful and unique vocals go hand in hand with the message behind the perfume, inviting all people to address their highest dreams and make them come true.

Valentino Garavani Videos

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