Chloé Videos: Fashion shows, perfume & Gwyneth Paltrow

Chloé – The women’s fashion brand Chloé stands for beautiful, elegant feminine fashion. But when the name Chloé is mentioned, one naturally thinks of the brand’s very successful perfume collection, which stands for noble and timeless women’s perfumes. In this article you will get an insight into the world of Chloé, the brand’s most popular fragrances, their collaboration with actress Gwyneth Paltrow and interviews with the creative directors of the past years.

Women: Summer & Winter for Women

Chloé fashion is characterized by classic cuts and neutral tones. The collections consist of romantic dresses, elegant pantsuits and long coats. Chloé’s fashion is very timeless and wearable and designed for feminine and sophisticated women.

Winter: Fashion show in Paris

In her fall/winter collection for Chloé, ex-creative director Natacha Ramsey-Levi focuses on neutral tones and elegant cuts. When it comes to accessories, you’ll see long chains reminiscent of a talisman. These make for a great eye-catcher on any outfit.

Summer: Fashion show in Paris

The spring/summer collection by Chloé is exactly what the fashion house stands for: Feminine, timeless and classic fashion. The collection consists of romantic dresses and elegant pantsuits that are strong yet feminine.

Commercials: Chloé perfume

Particularly popular with Chloé is also the perfume collection of the brand, which exists since 1975 in collaboration with IFF. Probably the most famous perfumes are Chloé, Chloé Nomade, Chloé Lovestory, Fleur de Parfum and Roses de Chloé.

Timeless classic: Chloé

The classic among the perfumes: “Chloé” – a feminine fragrance for the modern and self-confident woman. The perfume has a fruity, elegant note, from peonies, sressia and a light lychee note. The bottle is also something very special: The classic glass bottle in plissé look, is inspired by the sleeves of a Chloé blouse.

Adventurous: Chloé Nomade

Chloé Nomade – a feminine fragrance for the modern and adventurous woman. The perfume is a woody fragrance with a floral elegant note, from Mirabelle, Fressie and as a base note oak moss. The bottle is also something very special: Through its O-shaped design, the bottle looks very delicate and elegant and offers an interesting contrast with the golden metal decorations.

Seductive: Chloé Lovestory

Probably the most seductive Chloé fragrance: Chloé Love Story. With a fruity-floral note of neroli, orange blossom, Madagascar jasmine and as a base note cedar wood, the Chloé Love Story is a sensual fresh perfume for the feminine woman. The bottle is stylishly designed as with all Chloé perfumes and consists of a bottle made of pleated glass and is designed in a padlock look to represent feelings of seduction and freedom as a symbol of love and romance.

Collaboration: Gwyneth Paltrow

One of the biggest events in the fashion industry: the annual Met Gala. The big question is, who wears what and from which designer? For the 2019 Met Gala, actress Gywenth Paltrow had Chloe’s then-creative director Natacha Ramsey-Lewis design a bright yellow chiffon gown. To mark the occasion, the two women meet up ahead of the Met Gala to talk about their collaboration for Gywenth Paltrow’s brand Goop and the design process itself.

Interview: Creative Director Hearst

In this video Chloé’s new creative director Gabriela Hearst gives us a little insight into business and the world of finance. She answers questions about her ideas and experiences in the financial world as a strong and modern power woman. She talks about her motto, mistakes and motivations in this video.

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