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Influencer Marketing – The Bascis: Influencers have a large number of followers on their channels. Brands can have that too, but brand channels only reach a fraction of the people influencers reach – who wants to see “ads”? Influencers often have a dedicated following that trusts them and views them as a credible source of information and recommendations. Influencers often have a specific niche or target audience that follows them. So by working with influencers, businesses can increase their reach and target their audience. This is how you achieve authentic attention for your brand.

With the right strategy, the reach also converts to the desired target. This can be information, ticket sellers, online stores.

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Advantages of influencer marketing – advantages and disadvantages, one of the most important questions when it comes to influencer marketing. Let’s let the numbers speak! Here in a recent study by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung (agof) and Kölnmesse.

“50.7 percent of influencer followers:have purchased advertised products one or more times”

As you can see, influencer marketing has become an established part of the online marketing mix and is a “natural” part of many successful campaigns when it comes to addressing target groups and potential customers.

For this we work on the one hand with CM Creator in management, but also maintain contact and cooperation with external creators who, depending on the campaign, ensure the best result.

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Campaign: The 1×1 for success

We take a strategic approach to ensure your (influencer) marketing campaign is successful. Here are some important steps we follow in the process:

Goals, target group and foundation

Defining the goals: Before starting the campaign, you should set clear goals. These goals should be measurable and relate to the target group, the brand and sales. This is followed by the target group analysis: A successful campaign requires a precise knowledge of the target group. It is important to understand their interests, needs and behaviors in order to select the appropriate influencers.

Campaign, strategy and influencers

Now it gets creative, because it goes into the campaign conception! Simply put: Who does what? Creative ideas should be developed that fit both the brand and the target group. A clear message should also be defined. From all the data, we put together the selection of influencers. Based on the target group analysis, the appropriate influencers should be selected who have a high reach and credibility in the target group. With that, we move on to negotiations with influencers. Once the influencers have been selected, the terms of the collaboration should be negotiated, including the type of collaboration, compensation, and post expectations.

Implementation, live campaign and reporting

Start of the campaign execution! After the posts have been approved, the campaign should be launched. It is important to track the progress of the campaign and respond to feedback from the target audience and influencers. Was the campaign successful? That’s what success measurement shows. Once the campaign is complete, results should be measured to verify that goals were met. Metrics such as reach, engagement rate, conversions, ROI, and sentiment analysis should be considered.


Successful implementation – An influencer campaign is usually created in several steps. First, the relevant influencers who fit the brand and target group are researched and selected. Then, negotiations are conducted with the influencers to clarify the terms of the collaboration. Then follows the creation of the posts, which should meet the needs of the brand and the wishes of the influencers. This creative content is then coordinated with the influencers and released.

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  • Key figures and reporting


Metrics and reporting – Once the posts have gone live, reporting takes place. Here, performance indicators are monitored to measure the success of the campaign and make adjustments as necessary. Reporting also includes evaluating the collaboration with influencers to gain valuable insights for future campaigns.

This includes reach: How many people have seen the posts? Engagement rate: How many users interacted with the posts (likes, comments, shares)? Conversions: How many users took an action as a result of the campaign (e.g. purchase completion, sign-up, download)? For most, the most important thing in measuring the success of an influencer campaign:

ROI: How much revenue was generated by the campaign in relation to the cost

Also important, the feedback from the communities:

Sentiment analysis: What was the feedback from the target group on the campaign (positive, neutral or negative)?

In addition, brand awareness: How has brand awareness improved as a result of the campaign? Influencer performance: How did the individual influencers perform within the campaign?


Advantages 2023: Why book brands Creator

3 key benefits that make influencer and brand collaboration in 2023 so interesting:

  1. Increased visibility
  2. Higher conversion rates in comparison
  3. Effective use of advertising budget in combination with ads

Increased visibility: By working with influencers, a brand can reach a larger target group that might not have otherwise become aware of it. This can lead to increased awareness and therefore visibility of the brand.

Higher conversion rates: When a brand is recommended by an influencer, this can lead to higher conversion rates, as the recommendation is perceived as a sign of trust, resulting in a higher willingness to buy on the part of the target group.

Effective use of advertising budgets: Influencer marketing can be more cost-effective compared to other marketing activities, as working with influencers is often less costly than traditional advertising in other channels. Ideally supplemented by ads (performance marketing) to really reach all (!) relevant people in a target group.

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Customers & Campaigns – Test driving an electric car, new sneakers in fashion retail, traveling to the Maldives, driving a sports car in the Dubai desert or influencer events for brands, we’ve experienced it all!

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Industries – We cover various industries and fields, as perhaps already seen in the clients and references. Typical bookings are for example:

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