Chloé: Signature fragrance, Drew bag & sneaker

Chloé – Feminine, romantic fashion for modern women – this vision was behind the foundation of the label more than fifty years ago. Today the French company still inspires the fashion world with its exclusive creations. But when the name Chloé is mentioned, one naturally thinks of the brand’s very successful perfume collection, which stands for noble and timeless women’s perfumes. In this article you will get an insight into the world of Chloé, the brand’s most popular perfumes, its iconic bags and shoes, as well as an insight into famous Chloé designers.

Chloé style

Romantic-feminine cuts meet elegant prints and fabrics. The Chloé range captivates with timeless designs with refined details in subtle shades of warm pastel tones. In stark contrast to the stiff formal fashion of the 50s, Gaby Aghion created soft, body-hugging dresses in fine fabrics and called them luxury prêt-à-porter. Unique for the time. Young and modern in design, yet bold in idea. Chloé’s wonderful ability to be on the pulse of the times on the one hand, but equally timeless has been carried on from design generation to design generation. More than 50 years after Gaby Aghion developed this idea, the vision of feminine romantic fashion, realized in dreamlike fabrics and prints, lives on.

History of the fashion house

Chloé was founded in 1952 by the dressmaker Gaby Aghion (1921 – 2014) and the entrepreneur Jaques Lenoir. Aghion wanted to go against the sometimes “stiff” haute couture cuts with her fashion and opted for soft, feminine cuts and high-quality fabrics. She named the label after a friend who perfectly embodied the image of the “Chloé woman”. By the time of the first fashion show in 1958, she and Lenoir had hired several young designers, including the up-and-coming Karl Lagerfeld.

In 1963, he was officially appointed chief designer and remained until 1983. In the 70s, the company was able to record the first boutique opening and some celebrity clients (eg: Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot). In April 1975, the first Chloé perfume is launched. In 1983 Lagerfeld leaves Chloé in a dispute and succeeds Coco Chanel. As a result, the fashion house’s sales decline for the first time and in 1985 Aghion and Lenoir sell their company to the British luxury goods company Alfred Dunhill. In 1992 Dunhill calls Lagerfeld back into the company to give the brand a new lease of life. Unfortunately, to no avail. In 1998 Dunhill was bought by the Swiss company Richemont; to which Chloé still belongs today.

“All I`ve ever wanted was for Chloé to have a happy spirit, to make people happy.” – Gaby Aghion, Founder

Famous designers: Karl Lagerfeld & Stella McCartney

Karl Lagerfeld
Lagerfeld joined Paris-based fashion label Chloé in 1963 as one of many young designers. Under the direction of Aghion, Lagerfeld turned out to be an extremely gifted talent alongside Gérard Pipart, Maxime de la Falaise, Michèle Rosier and Graziella Fontana. In January 1975, he was therefore appointed exclusive designer of Chloé. He always surrounded himself with glamorous and prominent friends, such as the fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez. Together they enrich the whole of Paris with their “joie de vivre”. Not only Lagerfeld’s flowery and romantic fashion, which became typical for the Chloé look, but also his extraordinary creations inspired the fashion world.

Stella McCartney

In 1997, twenty-five-year-old Stella McCartney became the youngest head designer at Chloé after graduating from London’s Central Saint Martins College. After the romantic designs of her predecessors, McCartney focused more on a feminine but rocking attitude in her collections. She fused the signature Chloé romance with the casual looks of the street. The result was a unique blend of vintage lingerie, formal tailoring and casual street styles. In addition to McCartney’s exclusive collections, the founding of the second line “See by Chloé” brought a youthful and carefree flair back to the Parisian fashion house.


The fragrance signature from the house of Chloé convinces with its floral, light-powdery note with French charm. Since the release of the first perfume, the feminine and elegant fragrances are considered the most popular of their time.

A feeling of Chloé: signature fragrance

Chloé’s signature fragrance reflects the creative, individual and confident personality of the Chloé woman. Fresh and feminine, it suits her independent nature and her natural, innate sense of elegance. Similar to fashion, Chloé plays with the different aspects of femininity in fragrance. The classic rose is ingeniously reinterpreted in a fragrance that is both light and warm, elegant and very seductive.

The Chloé perfume “Nomade” charms with fruity nuances and a fiery attitude The fragrance creation of the cult label exudes energy and a sense of adventure and is a tribute to the cosmopolitan attitude of every “Chloé Girl” who wants to explore the world and expand her horizons.

Famous Chloé Bags

As part of the 2014 fall collection, Chloé presents the Drew. It embodies the glamour of the successful decade of the seventies and is named the most worn bag of the year in 2015.

It’s still one of the most coveted bags in the world: Chloé’s ‘Drew Bag’.

From trend to classic: Chloé’s ‘Faye’ It bag. The shoulder bag’s clean lines are punctuated by the round shape of the large ring and pendant chain. This season’s version is crafted from suede with gold hardware.

Chloé’s ‘Marcie Mini’ may only measure eight inches by 15 inches, but it comfortably stores your credit card, keys and Bond’s phone number. For those who need more storage space: The ‘Marcie’ models also come in midi and maxi sizes. Chloé also offers a wide range of colors, such as ‘Cashmere Gray’ and ‘Black’.

Chloé shoes

Flirty and playful, the Lauren low-top sneaker is decorated with patches inspired by the French house’s essential pins. With its colourful sole and curved lines, Chloé has created the season’s most cheerful sneaker.

Chloé’s ‘Woody’ mules will look as chic with a beach dress as they will with jeans in the city. They’re made in Italy with durable canvas straps that are printed with the label’s logo. The sole has a square toe and a flat heel.


Chloé’s marcie bag is one of the most legendary It-bags. If you want to round off the luxurious design, complete your It-bag with the matching MARCIE purse. With the same design line, this practical piece presents itself as an elegant companion – even on its own as a clutch, without its big sister.

More videos about Chloé

The women’s fashion brand Chloé stands for beautiful, elegant feminine fashion. But when the name Chloé comes up, you naturally think of the brand’s very successful perfume collection, which stands for classy and timeless women’s fragrances. In this article you will get an insight into the world of Chloé, the brand’s most popular fragrances, their collaboration with actress Gwyneth Paltrow and interviews with the creative directors of the past years.

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