Stella McCartney Videos: Fashion Show, Women’s & Men’s Fashion & Greenpeace

Stella McCartney – is the name of the world’s top designer and at the same time the name of your own luxury brand. The British designer is the daughter of the famous musician Paul McCartney. In the luxury high fashion market, the brand is known for its traditional and feminine designs. In her collections McCartney attaches great importance to animal welfare. Since the beginning, she has avoided animal products in her merchandise, instead relying on vegan resources. The founder is a pioneer for her ethical fashion, according to her motto “fashion by a woman for women”, McCartney empowers and inspires many women with her fashion.

Fashion for women and men: eco-friendly and for all seasons

High fashion and sustainability, a bit unusual but possible! In this article we show you Stella McCarntey’s sustainable collections for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Here you can see the best commercials about environmental protection and an interview with the top designer.

Spring/Summer Collection: “A to Z Manifesto

Green, the color that stands for nature. Stella McCartney presented her spring/summer collection in a green garden. The collection embodies the desire for a connection between body, nature, art and fashion. Therefore, the collection is called “A to Z Manifesto”. The clothes are light and airy and in delicate tones. For those who like it more sporty, she designs comfortable overalls and dresses that are nevertheless elegantly feminine.

Winter collection for women: Colourful and expressive

The winter collection was presented at the Tate Gallery of Modern Art in London. The collection contrasts with the grey and cool concrete bunker. The pieces consist of a mix of evening wear and cocktail wear. Once again, the designer placed emphasis on sustainability. She also used material made from vegan faux leather for her clothes. Some garments, such as the patterned oversized coat, are very masculine cut, because McCartney is often inspired by the men’s wardrobe in her designs.

Sustainable men’s fashion with actor Cillian Murphy

Stella McCartney presents her first autumn/winter collection for men in this video. The vegan luxury brand introduced the men’s collection to the world in collaboration with Irish actor Cillian Murphy. The clothes feature classic cuts combined with McCarntey’s personal style.

Values and vision: Sustainability

As already mentioned, sustainability is a big topic at Stella McCartney. The luxury brand expresses this not only with their fashion, but also in their commercials. In this commercial, unclothed women connect with “Mother Nature”. Check out one of Stella McCartney’s many commercials on sustainability.

Interview with the fashion designer: Her inspiration & designs

The British designer talks about her social responsibility in fashion in this interview with Vogue. She explains that fashion is not just about accentuating women’s silhouettes, but much more about expressing how they feel. Check out this video to learn more about Stella McCarntey’s inspirations.

Stella McCartney & Greenpeace Cooperation

Greenpeace, the non-profit organization that has been working for decades to protect the natural livelihood of humans, animals and nature, is now collaborating with luxury brand Stella McCartney. The vegan brand launched with the non-profit organization, a collection made of organic cotton. This campaign is to support the Greenpeace campaign against deforestation in the Amazon.

Stella McCartney: Foundation, Fashion for Adidas & Taylor Swift

Stella McCartney is one of the world’s most famous designer labels. In the luxury high fashion market, the brand is especially known for its traditional and feminine fashion, yet it also offers casual unisex fashion. With her luxury label she combines animal welfare with high fashion. Since the beginning, she has avoided animal products in her fashion, instead relying on vegan resources. The founder is a pioneer for her ethical fashion and pursues the mission to design “fashion by a woman for women”. Through her fashion, McCartney aims to empower and inspire women. Here you can learn more about the background of the brand, its sustainability concept and other interesting collaborations with other brands.

Videos: Brands like Stella McCartney

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Céline: Fashion shows, new collections and perfumes

The Parisian fashion company Céline was founded in 1945 and is known worldwide for its men’s and women’s clothing in haute couture style. In 1960 the founder Céline Vipiana designed the first leather bags and accessories and already in those years made a name for the high-quality designs. A few years later the label expanded its repertoire and created sporty collections in Parisian chic.

Tod’s: bags, shoes and the new eyewear collection

The Italian fashion brand Tod’s has been inspiring customers with exclusive shoes, bags, leather accessories and clothing for women, men and children since 1983. The brand is characterized by the highest quality and traditional craftsmanship. The exclusive models are handmade and the knowledge is passed on for several generations. Learn more about the craftsmanship in the interviews.

Kenzo: fashion show, sports fashion and interview with the designer

A brand most famous for its tiger head sweaters. Kenzo is also particularly known for the cultural representation in their designs, floral prints and ethnic looks. Often the label produces colorful and gaudy garments, that’s why the designer Kenzo Takada is also called the “magician of colors”.

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