Fairtrade Brands: Women x Men – Fashion by Acne Studios, Stella McCartney & Bleed Clothing

Fairtrade clothing – clothing is fairly produced if the producers who make it act in a self-determined manner, have basic rights, can live from their work and if no health damage is caused by the work. The clothing must be ecologically produced, which means that sustainable materials such as Tencel or organic cotton must be used and processed. Sustainability and high fashion – may not go together at first, but it does. At the latest since Stella McCartney prohibits the use of any animal ingredients for their collections, we all know that exclusive fashion designs can be perfectly combined with sustainability. Discover with us also the best fashion brands for Italian fashion, women and business clothing.

Fairtrade clothing fashion brand list

Here you can find the best fashion brands for fair trade clothing

  • AA Gold
  • A Kind of Guise
  • Acne Studios
  • Ade Velkon
  • Adelmut
  • Aestetic Stories
  • Alina Schürfeld
  • Alma & Lovis
  • Amour Vert
  • Another View
  • Armedangels
  • Armor Lux
  • Avocadostore
  • Babaa
  • Beach Rebelle
  • Bethany Williams
  • Blanche
  • Bleed Clothing
  • Chafor
  • Christy Dawn
  • Clara sky
  • Clockwood
  • Closet
  • Collina Strada
  • Cossac
  • Cornelia Sun
  • Dedicated
  • Deerberg
  • Degree Clothing
  • Ecoalf
  • Elkline
  • Elsien Gringhuis
  • Espero
  • Ethletic
  • Everlane
  • FTC Cashmere
  • Gabriela Hearst
  • Givn Berlin
  • HempAge
  • Hessnatur
  • Jan’n June
  • Julia Leifert
  • Julie de Libran
  • Jungle Folk
  • Jyoti
  • Kokoworld
  • Langerchen
  • Lanius
  • Favorite piece
  • Living Crafts
  • Lovjoi
  • Maiami
  • Margaret and Hermione
  • Mila Vert
  • Nikin
  • Nina pure
  • Nuuwai
  • Organuc Basics
  • Patagonia
  • People Tree
  • Pyua
  • Recolution
  • Salt water
  • Shipsheip
  • Suite 13
  • Thinking MU
  • Two Thirds
  • Uli Schott
  • Uni-Polar
  • Vaca Vaca
  • Vaude
  • Vetta Capsule
  • Raccoon
  • Who’s Rob
  • Revived
  • Woodbuy
  • Woodlike Ocean
  • Miracle

Fashion brands like for fairtrade fashion: vegan fashion and fashion brands with faux fur

You are looking for vegan fashion or fashion brands with faux fur? then learn more about the hottest brands here:

Vegan Fashion: Animal Free Materials, Bleed Clothing and Stella McCartney

More and more people are attaching importance to sustainability, fair trade and animal welfare. Everyone knows: vegan nutrition is trendy. But for many people, “vegan” means more than just nutrition – it’s an entire lifestyle that also includes fashion. Vegan clothing is a good alternative to conventional fashion for exactly this reason; it does without animal suffering and looks stylish to boot.

Faux fur fashion brands: Prada, Valentino and Zara

Real fur was yesterday! Faux fur is now the trend! Many well-known labels, such as Alexander McQueen, Prada or Zara have said goodbye to real fur and relied on fur-free fashion. Real fur and faux fur can also hardly be distinguished. Hardly any material manages to give us a feeling of warmth and security in cold temperatures like the cuddly trend material. But they not only keep you warm, but are also a fashionable eye-catcher.

Fashion brands: list

Are you looking for fashion brands for any category, whether for shoes, bags or jeans? Then you’ve come to the right place. In our fashion brands guide you will find all fashion brands, whether for bags, Spanish fashion or evening wear.