Kenzo Videos: Fashion Show, Sports Fashion & Interview with Kenzo Takada

Kenzo – Everyone especially loves Kenzo tops and perfume. Tiger head sweater, sweatshirt or even just the shirt for everyday. Whether in sale or not, Kenzo is one of the top fashion brands in the world, next to top brands like Louis Vuitton, Dolce Gabbana and Prada.Here you can watch Kenzo’s colorful fashion collections for women and men, as well as an interview with Takada Kenzo.

Fashion: Catwalks and fashion shows

Kenzo makes fashion for men and women. We show you the latest collections for spring, summer, autumn and winter. The Parisian brand appeals to every age group with its casual, but high quality brand. Here you can see the best shows.

Autumn/Winter Collection: Performance

Here is a video from Kenzo’s Fall/Winter fashion show. The designer brand presents the new collection for men and women with dancing, spinning and lots of jumping. The many eye-catching colors are typical for the brand. The designer brand’s garments have many different patterns including scarf and floral prints.

Spring/Summer Collection in the Rose Garden

Designer brand Kenzo presented its spring/summer collection in a rose garden. Half of the models cover their head with net. Due to the Corona Pandemic, safety and security has become a very important topic for designers. The hats with are a representation of that.

Spring Summer Fashion Show for Men

Kenzo looks at the theme of water for the menswear summer collection. The catwalk felt like the middle of a split lake. Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles, appeared at halftime of the fashion show and wowed the audience with her voice. The show took place in Paris during Fashion Week.

Sports collection: graphic & bright colours

The new Kenzo Sport collection consists of many bright colors and expressive graphics. The brand decided to present the garments with different acrobatic arts from all over the world. The color red was used very often in this collection.

Kenzo Takada: Interview, Fashion & Lifestyle

An interview with founder Kenzo Takada. The star designer passed away from Covid19 in early 2020. Before that, he released his lifestyle brand K3. In this video, he explains his shift from fashion to lifestyle. He states that his designs were inspired by Japan.

Kenzo: More interesting facts about the brand

The Kenzo brand was founded in 1970 by Kenzo Takada. The fashion designer named his fashion brand “Jungle Jap”. This name caused a stir among the Asian-American civil rights organization in the US because it was considered derogatory towards Japanese people. Therefore, he renamed his brand “Kenzo”. In 1993, the brand was sold to the luxury brand group LVMH.

If you want to learn more about the brand, you can read on here:

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