Daniel Hechter videos: Fashion shows, products, collaborations and interviews

Daniel Hechter – Daniel Hechter is a French lifestyle and fashion brand. It mainly sells clothes that can be worn both for fancy occasions and casual. However, in addition to clothing, his range also includes perfumes. You can view his products here in the form of advertisements or fashion shows. In addition, you can learn more about the collaborations with actors and co. All about the brand: Daniel Hechter.

Daniel Hechter fashion show: Paris meets Shanghai

Daniel Hechter shows presence, especially at the fashion show in Shanghai.

Spring / Summer Outfits: Big as small

In 2015 Daniel Hechter presented his new spring/summer collection on the catwalk in Shanghai.

Autumn / winter outfits with Parisian flair

Just as the brand itself has its origins in France, so does the video. With French backgrounds we see the fall / winter collection for men and women 2019/20.

Ladies: Spring / Summer Collection

The Daniel Hechter women’s compartment is suitable, among other things, for the trendy casual chic look.

Men: Summer & Winter Collection

Clear design, straightforward, masculine cuts and neutral colors, that’s what the brand stands for men’s collections. Whether for everyday business or casual looks at the weekend.

Spring / summer collection in Paris

An insight into the spring / summer collection you get this video, shot in beautiful Paris.

Fall / Winter Collection: Wrap up with Daniel Hechter

A separate opening video was developed for the fall/winter collection, featuring the brand and its new collection.

In cooperation with Aurelien Muller we not only get to know the fall/winter collection 2022, but also the protagonist himself.

Advertising: from clothes to fragrances

Well-known and popular products of Daniel Hechter lead from perfume to leather jackets.

Eau de Parfum: Couture Sport

An example of his perfumes is the Couture Sport.

Black leather jacket: cool and casual

Besides casual chic outfits, the leather jacket also sells very well.

Combat wool: best quality

In this collection, Daniel Hechter advertises a special Combat wool, which provides high elasticity of the clothes, guarantees freedom of wrinkles and is also abrasion resistant.

Actors to footballers: all cooperate

The fashion brand works not only with artists who have experience in fashion representation, but also with other celebrities whose specialties actually lie in another area.

Lee Jung Jin: Actor

Lee Jung Jin, a South Korean actor, works for Daniel Hechter.

Daniel Hechter meets soccer: Stade Français Paris

In mid-September 2021, a collection was launched together with Stade Français Paris. Contributors to this collaboration were: Sékou Macalou, James Hall, Tolu Latu and Nico Sanchez.

Interview: UNA St. Tropez & Daniel Hechter

Artist UNA St. Tropez visits Daniel Hechter at his summer home in St. Tropez and conducts an interview with him there.

Daniel Hechter: The brand

Parisian fashion brand, French fashion designer, sports lover and pioneer of prêt-à-porter. The designer is one of the most internationally successful French fashion labels. Supermodels, actors and stars wear his fashion. Models in Paris dream of walking for the brand at Paris Fashion Week. Here you will learn interesting facts about the history of the designer of men’s and women’s clothing and what the brand stands for. You want to become a model? Then expand your knowledge about the most famous fashion designers and fashion brands worldwide.