Lacoste videos: Polos, sneakers and perfume with crocodile

Lacoste – The internationally known French clothing brand Lacoste manufactures products such as clothing, shoes, perfume, leather goods and any kind of accessories of the upper price ranges. The logo, a stylized crocodile, is one of the most famous in the world. What is behind the brand you can easily learn here. We have gathered for you fashion shows, commercials, collaborations with celebrities and the history of Lacoste. Everything about the brand: Lacoste.

Fashion show: Looks from Lacoste

From New York to Paris. On the biggest and most famous catwalks, the fashion brand Lacoste presents its new collections. So also for the summer collection 2022 and the winter collection 2020/21.

Spring / summer outfits: summer is coming

Live from Paris you could see the new summer collection 2022.

Fall / Winter Outfits: Stylish through the winter

A collection by Louise Trotter.

Commercials: Clothing and shoes

See here famous and popular products from Lacoste.

Choose the bucket hat: Trends can be found everywhere

Lacoste is also joining in the comeback of the new fashion trend. The “bucket hat” is suitable for men, women and children.

Go for a Lacoste Polo: Old but Gold

The brand is known, especially for the polos. That’s why even in 2022 can not miss new ones.

L001: Sneaker

Inspired by the sport of tennis, Lacoste developed a new shoe in 2021.

Celebs for Lacoste: Théo Curin, Bruno Mars and ASAP Nast

Celebrities who work with Lacoste.

Théo Curin: Para athlete

Théo Curin is a successful swimmer who unfortunately had to have both arms and legs amputated.

Bruno Mars: Lacoste x Ricky Regal

Bruno Mars creates his own brand: Ricky Regal. This is a collaboration without borders.

ASAP Nast: Opposites Attract

Rapper ASAP Nast in collaboration with Lacoste and seen in the video together with his friends, Djavan and Cory.

The story of the beginning of an era

Perhaps, after these impressions of the fashion brand Lacoste, you now also want to learn something about the origin and background.

In this case, of course, can not miss the history of polo shirts, for which the brand is so famous.

Lacoste: The brand

French brand Lacoste is known for its high quality sportswear. Men’s fashion, women’s fashion and children’s fashion are available at Lacoste. Especially for tennis and golf players are the clothes designed. But also clothes in an elegant casual style are an integral part of the fashion brand. The label with the crocodile is known worldwide and has established itself as a trademark of the brand. What it is about the crocodile and how the crocodile became the brand logo you will learn in this article.

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