Supreme: Hoodie, Sweater, T-Shirt & Air Force

Supreme – The US-American Supreme is known for its cool streetwear clothing. The fashion label is one of the world’s most famous and popular streetwear brands, along with Off White and Balenciaga. Many influencers, hype beasts and also supermodels like to wear the US brand. Supreme’s collections are very versatile. Supreme has numerous collaborations with other brands like Lacoste, Nike and Louis Vuitton. All of Supreme’s collections and collaborations are very successful and go through the roof. When a collection is freshly dropped, it is sold out within minutes. In this article you’ll find all the popular collections and the most amazing collaborations of Supreme.

How was Supreme actually founded ?

The Supreme fashion brand was founded in New York by British fashion designer James Jabbia. James Jabbia first worked for the world-famous streetwear label Stüssy. While he was still employed there, James had already founded his own Supreme store. A year later, in 1995, James introduced the first red and white T-shirt with box logo. Because Japanese tourists loved Supreme clothing so much, three more Supreme stores were opened in Japan. In Los Angeles, the second Supreme store was opened as they collaborated with other brands such as Nike, Clarks and Vans. Supreme continue to work with very many famous brands.

Here you see James Jebbia, the founder of Supreme.

Popular Supreme clothing : hoodie, sweater and t-shirt

The Supreme fashion brand has a huge selection of clothing. The range of Supreme includes hoodie, T-shirt, pants, jeans, shirt, fleece jacket, jacket, winter jacket, boxer shorts, sweatpants, underwear, sweater and jogging suit. The fashion brand is especially popular among skaters. With the clothes of Supreme outfits are created, which look not only casual, but also stylish.

Accessories: necklace, cap, hat and more

In addition to numerous clothing items, Supreme also has a wide range of accessories, including beanie, cap, belt, hat, wallet, gloves, phone case and jewelry such as chains. With Supreme accessories you can spice up all your outfits.

Bag: shoulder bag, fanny pack, suitcase

At Supreme there is a variety of bags for many occasions. Whether a bag for leisure or a bag or suitcase for travel. Among the bags that you can find in the assortment of Supreme include: Fanny pack, bag, fanny pack, backpack, suitcase and shoulder bag.

Supreme x Lacoste

The sports fashion brand Lacoste is similar to Supreme known for its casual clothing. The two fashion brands have started a collaboration where they have taken elements from both brands and created something new out of it. In 2017, Supreme unveiled its first collaboration with Lacoste, where the streetwear label infused its style into the brand’s crocodile motif with a series of 1990s-style sweatshirts. Meanwhile, several collections of the international duo exist. Among other things, the two designed pilot jackets, tracksuits, fleece shorts, striped cardigans, bags and caps. The sportswear was created in a wide variety of shades. From red to green to blue, the two fashion brands have all colors in their collection.

Supreme x The North Face Collaboration

The brand “The North Face” is a fashion company that sells clothing and equipment for outdoor activities and fitness. Especially popular are the puffer jackets, hats, vests and backpacks from The North Face. In cooperation with Supreme, The North Face has launched several collections. The fashion collections mainly include various jackets with different patterns and colors. Apart from warming jackets, the duo also has hoodies, bags like backpacks and fanny packs. Moreover, hats can also be found in the collections. The collections are all very successful and the garments of the collaboration were sold out very quickly.

Supreme x Nike Collaboration

The streetwear brand Supreme has numerous collaborations with different fashion brands. This also includes Nike. The sports fashion brand Nike is known worldwide – almost everyone owns at least one piece of clothing from the clothing company. Together with Supreme, the brand has launched several products. These include sneakers like the air force 1 in black and white. Other shoe models that the two fashion brands have launched is for example the nike sb dunk high by any means. The popular nike tn sneaker has also been given a new design in collaboration with Supreme. In addition to sneakers, the two fashion labels have also launched jackets. Among them is also the nike reversible puffy jacket.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collection

Louis Vuitton is one of the most successful and famous high fashion brads in the world. The fashion brand became famous for its suitcases. In collaboration with Supreme, Louis Vuitton has also released suitcases. In addition to suitcases, the fashion duo has also designed and launched several other bags. These include backpacks, fanny packs, shoulder bags and handbags. In addition, LV and Supreme also have accessories such as gloves, phone cases and scarves. The products are designed in Supreme’s typical red color and white print. All items are printed with the LV monogram and the Supreme logo in the middle.

Supreme x Lamborghini collaboration

The car manufacturer Lamborghini is known for its fast sports cars. Together with Supreme, Lamborghini worked on a capsule collection. The joint collection, consists of a hooded work jacket, a short-sleeved shirt, a field hockey jersey, a jumpsuit, a T-shirt, a skateboard and a cap in the typical Lamborghini colors. So in green, red and black. In addition to the hoodies, there are also T-shirts, skateboards and short-sleeved shirts in the collection. But also caps and overalls can be found in this collection. This collaboration takes individual elements of both brands and combines them. This results in a cool streetwear fashion collection.

Supreme x Champion Collection

Another successful cooperation of Supreme took place together with Champion. The two brands have already launched several fashion collection. The collections include reversible hooded jacket, warm-up jacket and a matching pants. The reversible hooded jacket features a water repellent material on one side and is lined with fleece from the inside. The clothing is available in navy blue, red, black and camouflage pattern. Decorated with the Supreme and Champion logo on the sleeves and pant legs, the jackets are available in red, navy and black exterior colors.

Supreme x True Religion Collection

The True Religion fashion label was founded in America. The label became known for its extravagant jeans. The characteristics of the True Religion jeans are the strongly pronounced pockets and buttons. In cooperation with Supreme, both fashion brands have launched collections. The fashion collection includes a denim trucker jacket, a hooded sweatshirt, denim cargo pants, a hat and a cap. On the garments is the Supreme logo and the True Religion. On the True Religion logo is a guitar playing Buddha.

Supreme x Tiffanny Co Collaboration

In collaboration with the jewelry label Tiffany & Co, Supreme has besides jewelry such as various necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. In addition to jewelry, the two labels have also created clothing. These include hoodie and T-shirts. These are printed with the Supreme logo, which was designed in (the typical for Tiffany) blue tone.

In this video you will find an unboximg, of some Supreme X Tifanny & CO products. If you liked this video then check out more videos from Supreme and Tiffany’s & CO here.

Supreme Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to questions you may have asked yourself about Supreme.

Who sells Supreme?

You can get Supreme clothing in Supreme stores. Supreme stores, there are among others in New York, Japan and Milan. But you can also buy Supreme streetwear online. This includes the Supreme Online Shop, but also retailers like StockX and Farfetch.

How did Supreme become popular?

When Supreme was founded, skateboarding was already a popular and widespread sport. Supreme founded the label as a skater fashion brand, but the clothes are also popular with many streetwear fans. Through the limited offers, Supreme has been able to increase its value and has gained more and more reputation.

What does Supreme mean?

The label has its name “Supreme” from the work of Barbara Kruger. Namely, Barbara made a “Supreme Bitch” logo, which was printed on T-shirts and caps.

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Vetements: hoodie, t-shirt, jacket and sneakers

The fashion label Vetement has revolutionized the fashion world with its designs. Through its impressive designs, the label is one of the most influential fashion labels of our time. In the accompanying article you can learn more about the history, the most popular pieces and much more.

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