Birkenstock Videos: Fashion show, collaborations and history

Birkenstock – Birkenstock is a well-known brand with roots that go back more than two centuries. Learn more about the history over such a long period, as well as their collections, fashion shows and collaborations here.

Fashion show: Looks from Birkenstock

Whether “normal” or unusual, Birkenstock does both. Both conventional fashion shows are organized by the brand, but also those that are rather unusual, with rehearsed choreo.

Men’s fashion spring / summer

In Florence, Birkenstock shows the 2019 men’s collection in front of 700 people.

Fashion Show at GDS

A highlight at the 123rd GDS in Düsseldorf 2017 was the Birkenstock fashion show.

Choreography for Fashion Shows

For the Birkenstock fashion shows, choreographies are sometimes rehearsed, which choreographer April-Grace Reuter teaches to professional dancers and models.

Commercial sandals: everyone knows them

The typical Birkenstock sandals here in a commercial.

Cooperation with Universal Works

The Universal Works x Birkenstock men’s collection is available in two models. They are modern combined with the Birkenstock quality

Dior: mix of comfort and high fashion

Birkenstock cooperated with one of the most famous and biggest high fashion brands in the fashion world: Dior.

Foundation and history

The brand has been on the market for about 250 years. Therefore, you get in this video the history once briefly summarized.

How did the brand make it?

It’s common knowledge that Birkenstocks aren’t exactly the fanciest shoes and, among other things, aren’t exactly suitable for the red carpet. But why are they still so popular and famous?

Hallmark: The famous Birkenstock footbed

Birkenstock’s most recognizable feature is the footbed. Here you can learn more about it.

Production: how the famous shoes are made

The shoes with the special footbed are certainly not made like conventional shoes. But how they are created you can see here in this video.

Special repair for special shoes

Special shoes with such a special material also need the right repair. How to do this, seen in this video.

Birkenstock: the brand

Birkenstock is a German shoe manufacturer founded more than 200 years ago. Nowadays, the brand has an international presence and is known worldwide with the famous Birkenstock sandal. The most important feature of the shoes is probably the sole and footbed, which are designed to support the wearer. You can learn more about this unique design and development in this article. In addition, the brand can demonstrate notable collaborations with big names in the fashion world.

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