Birkenstock: brand, shoes, designer collaborations and the famous cork sole

Birkenstock – Birkenstock is a German shoe manufacturer founded more than 200 years ago. Nowadays, the brand has an international presence and is known worldwide with the famous Birkenstock sandal. The most important feature of the shoes is probably the sole and footbed, which are designed to support the wearer. You can learn more about this unique design and development in this article. In addition, the brand can demonstrate notable collaborations with big names in the fashion world.

Birkenstock: The brand

Birkenstock was founded in Germany in 1774, but it was not until many years later that the shoes’ current recognizable feature developed. Almost 150 years later, Konrad Birkenstock invented the so-called blue footbed, which adapts to the movement and shape of the wearer. A few years later, Carl Birkenstock improved the idea by making the flexible cork insole into a firm insole, which obviously hit the bull’s eye. Because this is the sole as we know it today. And thus also the shoe as we know and love it.

In every Birkenstock shoe, on the website or in stores you can see this logo. In addition to the company name, the logo also contains the place and year of foundation. So everyone knows about the brand right away.

Known for the unique footbed

The special thing about Birkenstock shoes and the reason why they are so well known is the footbed. It consists of 6 different areas: the toe grip, footbed edge, transverse arch support, longitudinal arch support, heel shape and the heel cup. All of these parts serve to provide the best possible support and protection for the foot. Not without reason, the shoes are also known as health shoes. For this footbed, the brand works as much as possible with natural raw materials or materials, because they are especially concerned about the sustainability of their product.

Designer Collaborations

The list of great designers with whom Birkenstock has entered into a collaboration is getting longer and longer. In a time where no longer only comfort and durability or style are in demand, the designer pieces come just right.

Rick Owens: A New World

US designer Rick Owens has reinterpreted three classic models from the Birkenstock range in four different materials. Together, the designs have a footbed made entirely of leather combined with felt, suede, full-grain leather or long fur. A new world for the designer, but one that pays off.

Jil Sander: tradition and trend

The brand that stands for purism and minimalist chic, Jil Sander, developed a unisex collection together with Birkenstock. In the process, they produced not only radical redesigns of Birkenstock classics, but also completely new developments.

Dior: A favorable combination

After the luxury group LVMH bought the brand Birkenstock, it was almost to be expected that it would not take long that a cooperation with a luxury brand would arise. After all, both sides always benefit from it and in this case the designer brands even belong to one group. Thus, the LVMH Group welcomes Birkenstock with a Dior collaboration. The shoes of the men’s winter collection 2022 / 2023 Brand were currently presented in Paris.

Fashion show and advertising

Somewhat different from the fashion shows of large high fashion brands, there are nevertheless also some from Birkenstock. Here is the summer collection 2019.

There is also not so necessarily advertising, yet almost everyone knows the brand. An advertising video was still findable.

More videos from Birkenstock:

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Birkenstock Q&A: The last questions

Where does Birkenstock produce its shoes?

Birkenstock produces 27 million pairs of shoes per year, about 90% of them in Germany.

Who is behind Birkenstock?

In February 2021, the majority of Birkenstock’s capital shares were sold from family ownership to the American-French investment company L Catterton, which is backed by, among others, the French luxury goods group LVMH and its owner Bernard Arnault.

Are Birkenstock still modern 2022?

Comfort and luxury in one sandal: Birkenstock sets a shoe trend for 2022 and new standards for spring with their “1774” collection.

How long can you wear Birkenstock?

Birkenstock will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Whether they are Birkenstock Gizeh or Birkenstock toe separators, Birkenstock women’s, men’s and children’s shoes require little care due to the high-quality materials and first-class workmanship.

What is special about Birkenstock shoes?

The cork-latex bedding is the heart of all Birkenstock shoes. The cushioning and highly flexible cork-latex core supports and relieves the foot. The natural materials have a heat and cold insulating effect and ensure a good foot climate.

Why are Birkenstock so popular?

Good for the conscience is not only the health factor, but also the Birkenstock philosophy: Production has always been exclusively in Germany, under fair conditions, for a fair wage. Each sandal is sewn together by hand – truly “Made in Germany”. A quality feature that is attractive.

Are Birkenstocks really comfortable?

They are incredibly comfortable. The molded footbed makes walking in Birkenstock shoes very comfortable.

How sustainable is Birkenstock?

The products are sustainable due to their durability. They use a high percentage of natural raw materials from sustainable sources: Cork, natural latex, jute, leather, wool felt, copper and brass are among their main raw materials.