Puma Videos: Sports Fashion, Hiphop Shoes & Cooperation with Winnie Harlow

Puma – founded in 1948, the brand has then become particularly popular in the world of sporting goods. The range extends from sneakers and backpacks to tracksuits. The brand releases new collections of shoes for men and women every year. These are often released in collaboration with famous VIPS. We show you collections of Puma in collaboration with special stars like Bebe Rexha, Kingsley Coman and Winnie Harlow. You can also learn more about the history of the classic Suede collection here. If you’re interested in learning more about the brand, you can find it here: Puma.

Collections and commercials with VIPs

Puma has made itself popular not only on the playing field of athletes, but also with artists and citizens. Puma’s sports fashion are available in many local stores and online stores. We show you collaborations with artists, athletes and models. We also give you an insight into the history of the brand’s famous classics, which were especially relevant in the hip-hop scene.

Collaboration: Bebe Rexha for Deichmann

In collaboration with Deichmann, Puma released the Capsule collection. The American singer and songwriter Bebe Rexha is the face of the campaign. Two new sneakers and three bag models were created in this collaboration. The motto of this campaign is the hashtag #WhateverSuitsYou. With this, everyone is given the opportunity to express themselves as they like. Above all, this hashtag should give women the courage to express themselves freely.

About You Fashion Week: Collaboration

Puma’s clothes were presented at the Fashion Week of the online retailer About You. Puma not only produces shoes for athletes, but also fashion for everyday life. In a street scenario, the sports brand presents us cool and casual outfit combinations. Whether it’s for your yoga session, playing basketball or visiting the skateboard park, you’ll find it all here. Watch the video to see the different looks for men and women.

Football star Coman (FC Bayern): Cover and interview

Football player for FC-Bayern and Puma athlete Kingsley Coman had his picture taken for the cover of the football magazine SEPP. In the magazine, he talks about the Champions League and today’s trends in men’s fashion. According to Camon, elegance is the latest trend in men’s fashion. In a Munich nightclub, Coman poses with Puma’s garments. Watch this video to drive more about the collaboration.

“Mile Rider” with model Winnie Harlow

Model Winnie Harlow is the ambassador for the new Mile Rider collection, a shoe collection that has been around since the 80s. The bright color combination, retro inspiration and comfort make these shoes perfect for summer. This collection is an addition that specializes in women and that’s why they chose a power woman like Winnie Harlow to be the face of the campaign.

Puma “Suede” classic: success story

In this video the story of the successful Puma Suede is told. The suede shoes have been a great success for over 50 years. In 1968, the shoes were introduced as training shoes for the Olympic Games under the name “Puma Cracks”. Later, the name was changed to “Puma Suede.” These sneakers are considered iconic and are among the absolute classics. Especially in the hiphop scene, the shoes became a very popular sneaker.

Brand, history and more about Puma

Puma is one of the world’s most famous sports brands. The German brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler founded a shoe factory in the 20s. The two split due to a dispute and Rudolf Drassler founded his own shoe brand, which he initially called Ruda.

Football as a breakthrough for sneakers

Rudolf did not like the name Ruda for a sports brand and decided to rename the brand Puma. Rudolf Dassler wanted the athletes wearing his shoes to have the same athletic ability as the predator Puma. Even before this, the two Dassler brothers received international attention due to the appearance and victory of German athletes wearing Dassler shoes. Rudolf Dassler’s Puma brand quickly established itself on the soccer field. This was the beginning of his breakthrough.

Sports fashion becomes everyday life

The sports shoes of Puma helped more and more athletes to win and thus the international fame increased. Puma was the first sports brand to combine fashion with sports and is still known for its sporty everyday fashion and athletic clothing.

Puma: More about the brand

Puma – the favorite brand of athletes and sportsmen. The brand’s mantra is “Forever Faster”, because Puma’s goal is to become the fastest sports brand in the world. Did you know? The founders of Puma and Adidas were brothers who took over their father’s shoe business together. They named their joint company “Gebrüder Dassler”. After a dispute, Puma and Adidas were born! Today, people all over the world wear the brand’s clothing. Of course, the most famous influencers and stars do too. In local stores and online, you can find a wide range of products such as shoes, accessories and clothing. Here you can find out more about the foundation, special garments and collaborations with VIPs like “The Weeknd”, “Winnie Harlow” and much more.

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