ASOS Videos: Sportswear, Advertising Abroad & Little Mix

ASOS – The clothes from ASOS are particularly popular. The online shop offers its own designs as well as other well-known brands like Nike, Adidas and L’Oreal. The clothes are available in large, curvy or tall, sizes, but also for slim sizes, so that everyone can find something for themselves. In addition to men’s and women’s clothing, the brand also offers accessories, shoes, skincare and make-up products, or maybe a bikini? It’s all up to your taste. Various celebrities and bloggers have already had experience with the label, and ASOS even has its very own lifestyle corner. Maybe you’ll find your favourite stars working with ASOS.

Summer & Winter Collections

Always close to the current trend, the online shop offers you the most diverse styles. ASOS presents this with high-quality and often artistic advertising videos that convey new ideas and creativity. Besides all the art, it’s all about you as a person. The collections and their advertising provide space for diversity and the different needs of customers. This allows everyone to find pieces that particularly suit them and their desires.

ASOS Sportswear: Your reasons to move

ASOS promotes their sportswear with bright colours and a lot of action. A wide variety of sports are performed by a wide variety of people. The clothes are just as colorful as the models: The sports sets consist of colorful patterns or have applications in bright colors. In addition to the ASOS collection, several other well-known sports brands such as Adidas, Puma and Nike are also advertised. The bottom line is that ASOS supports the message to move and do sports. And that in fashionable sportswear!

Winter: Clothing for women and men

In this winter collection, ASOS presents clothes with geometric shapes and strong contrasts. Furs, jackets and clothing perfectly adapted for winter are designed to keep you comfortable and trendy warm. Through group shots and split screens, you can also compare or see the styles combined.

Autumn/Winter: Wild styles in short film

ASOS has landed model Jazzelle Zanaughtti for its Fall/Winter 2018 collection. Jazzelle presents various unusual styles in exaggerated and crazy settings. Despite all the exaggeration, the video is also very much about personality development. Dramatic lighting effects and fast scene changes make this video almost like a motion picture. At the very least, it’s a very artistic short film.

Commercials: Designs and abroad

ASOS focuses on versatile styles that work for everyone and also across the globe. Thereby it should work in different walks of life, cultures and nationalities. This is particularly clear in the following spots.

The secret of ASOS: design approach

In this spot, ASOS introduces you to their design approach: ASOS makes the design, you style it! The clothing is specially designed for young people who freely shape their lives. There are no limits to your participation and you can dress the way you feel comfortable.

ASOS abroad: Popular in fashion country France

ASOS is also a popular brand in France. Here, too, strong colors are advertised in everyday environments. The studio is dispensed with, instead you see different people in their everyday environments. With the portraits, the focus is again on the person himself, accompanied by a life of curiosity and new experiences.

Interviews: Lifestyle with Little Mix & Nicola Peltz

For a wider reach, ASOS is also reaching out to their lifestyle magazine on YouTube.

Lifestyle magazine: More than just fashion

On their YouTube channel, ASOS presents their lifestyle section. There you can find interviews with celebrities, challenges, product hauls and style tips. In this way, they make it clear that they offer their customers even more than just fashion.

Little Mix: Opinion of the Twitter community

The most watched interview in cooperation with ASOS is with the British POP girl group Little Mix. The four power women guess what their fans think about them on Twitter! For a laugh and some good entertainment you can watch this video.

Nicola Peltz: Interview at work

Nicola Peltz, actress and fiancée of David Beckham’s son Brooklyn, was joined by ASOS for a photoshoot and answered some interview questions. To learn more about the star’s wardrobe, dogs and favorite songs, watch this video.

Brands like ASOS: Puma & Ralph Lauren

Here we have put together some similar brands for you or you can have a look at our fashion brand list where you can see all the big labels at a glance.

Puma Videos: Sports Fashion, Hiphop Shoes & Co.

Founded in 1948, the brand then became particularly popular in the world of sporting goods. The range extends from sneakers and backpacks to tracksuits. The brand releases new collections of shoes for men and women every year. These are often released in collaboration with famous VIPS. We show you collections of Puma in collaboration with special stars like Bebe Rexha, Kingsley Coman and Winnie Harlow. Here you can also learn more about the history of the classic Suede collection.

GAP Videos: Sweaters, Jeans & Equality

GAP is a brand for urban fashion with American spirit. Especially known are probably the GAP sweaters with the print of the brand name. The online store has fashion for all generations, from men’s or women’s jeans to baby clothes. Here you can find the promotional videos for the summer collection, which will introduce you to the pieces for adults, teens and kids. Followed by brand image spots that deal with current issues like conservation and diversity.

Fashion brands: List

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Extravagant haute couture. Refined prêt-à-porter. Fine sportswear and innovative accessories. The world’s most luxurious fashion brands inspire millions of people and fashion lovers with their exquisite collections every year. They camp out in front of stores to snag limited edition specials, stand on the streets of Paris during the highly coveted Fashion Week, and sit wide-eyed in front of televisions to watch the latest and hippest runway shows. Here is the ultimate fashion brand guide.


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