GAP Videos: Sweaters, Jeans & Equality

GAP – a brand for urban fashion with American spirit. Especially known are probably the GAP sweaters with the print of the brand name. The online store has fashion for all generations, from men’s or women’s jeans to baby clothes. Here you can find the promotional videos for the summer collection, which will introduce you to the pieces for adults, teens and kids. Followed by brand image spots that deal with current issues like conservation and diversity.

Summer for all generations

For the summer collection GAP presents summery feelings with simple styles. The people were filmed in front of a white background. Therefore the focus falls on the person and their activity or needs. The white background offers space to create the freedom of summer individually, the way you want it – almost like a white canvas. The title of the advertisement “Freedom of Summer” becomes especially clear.

Summer collection: bright colours

The summer collection for adults appears in bright colors. The clothing is suitable for any activity individually for each person. It offers plenty of opportunity for hobbies like swimming and dancing, but also music. The commercial also reflects the diversity of the label: the models are of different ages and are shown in different stages of life, such as a pregnant woman.

Teen collection: Adventures with batik pattern

For adventurous teens there is the GAP Teen collection which features monochrome styles and especially batik pieces. Fun in the summer with friends is the main theme here. The clothes are presented by some teenagers playing with a shopping cart in a group.

Children’s collection: colourful everyday fun

Colourful batik shirts are combined with practical basics that ensure lots of fun for the younger generation. With GAP, children are perfectly dressed for a wide range of summer activities. It doesn’t matter whether it’s table tennis, eating ice cream or surfing, it’s all about the child.

Commercials: Spring and activism

For the spring campaign, GAP released several videos that address social issues. The brand wants to incorporate solutions for these in its work. Respect and inclusion are very important to them.

For nature: “Generation Good

Nature is also important to GAP. It is helped by less waste, less water consumption, reduced emissions and better materials for every generation. This is how they promote the “GENERATION GOOD” in the spring campaign. Nature conservation is red-hot and must take place for all generations – and GAP is committed to this.

For the people: Individuals Anthem

In this clip, it is shown that GAP offers clothing for individual areas of life through a diverse selection of models. We all find it nice to find ourselves in advertising figures and also to be offered platforms outside the mainstream. With the move towards more diversity, GAP is also taking its cue from big brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

For Teens: Next Generation Gap

In this clip the focus is on the younger generation. In the video, various young people are shown pursuing hobbies, thereby setting the scene for the clothing. The campaign “Next Generation Gap” stands above all for the desire of young people for change. Whether it’s diversity, environment or individuality, GAP wants to support this gap.

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