Bershka Videos: Looks, celebs and behind the scenes

Bershka – Adapted to the interests of bold young people, connoisseurs of the latest trends and fans of music and social networks. Thus, the brand is aimed primarily at the young, increasingly demanding audience. In terms of fashion, Bershka often draws inspiration from the 70s, 80s, 90s, as well as from street style and sports. In the stores, too, attention is always paid to the appearance. There you can meet music, screens, projections, current graphics, fashion colors, contemporary furniture design and lighting of the latest generation. Popular with both us and celebrities, here we show you looks from Bershka, as well as backgrounds of the brand and more. All about the brand: Bershka.

Lookbook: Designs from Bershka

Bershka has stylish clothes that are especially tasty for the younger generation. In the lookbooks you can see what designs jumped out for us.

Spring / summer outfits: Asia and animal prints

Inspired by the 80s / 90s, animal print patterns and Asian culture, Bershka presents the Spring / Summer 2021 collection.

Fall / winter outfits: retro and 70s

Sound On, that’s the name of the fall winter 2021 collection. For women, styles from retro sports to the 70s are present, with color schemes being the key word. Also in men you meet the retro-sport style combined with other important trends, such as outdoor, but here prints find high relevance.

Going out: The party collection

Chiara Scelsi, Italian and Brazilian supermodel, presents Bershka’s party collection. This collection is full of glitter and cool silhouettes, dominated by the color black as a base combined with purple and green accents.

What is behind Bershka?

Bershka wants to give insights into the heart and soul of their brand to show who they are and what makes them tick. To do this, they rely on authentic and real videos with a meaningful message.

VIPs: Paloma Mami and Billie Eilish

Bershka’s collaborations focus on artists who illustrate themselves and their collection in the form of a music video.

Paloma Mami x Bershka

Together with the emerging artist Paloma Mami, Bershka organized a spring / summer collection with the support of fashion house, which acted as co-designers. To celebrate, the campaign video was backed with her new single.

Billie Eilish x Bershka in music video

The Billie Eilish x Bershka collection is based on monochromatic and dark colors presented in a music video.

Interviews: Danna Paola and Paloma Mami

In interviews with the artists with whom Bershka collaborates, you can learn more about the inspiration behind the collections, among other things.

Danna Paola on the set of Bershka

Behind the scenes of a shoot with Danna Paola, we learn more about her career, inspirations, …

Paloma Mami: album and collection

In this interview with Paloma Mami, we learn more about her inspiration for the album and her Bershka collection.


The fashion brand Bershka is one of the most popular fashion stores in the world, along with H&M and Zara. Especially young people often shop at Bershka. The brand is known for its modern and trendy clothes Both young men and women will find in the Bershka stores and love the Klediung with which they create trendy outfits. In this article you will learn everything about the foundation of Bershka and get to know the most popular clothes of the Spanish fashion label.