Topshop: British brand, jeans & fashion for men and women

Topshop – The label is the epitome of cool British style. Topshop is one of the most popular high-street brands in the world, the fashion brand stands for young, modern fashion, which is oriented to high fashion, but affordable. In the past, the company has collaborated with various famous designers, such as Alexander McQueen or Kate Moss. Topshop offers not only its own fashion in the stores and online, but also selected brands such as Calvin Klein or Adidas.

High-street brand with potential

In 1964 Topshop was founded as “Peter Robinson’s Top Shop”, a sub-brand for young people of the then brand “Peter Robinson” from Sheffield. The Peter Robinson retail chain was unable to sustain itself, but Topshop became a successful brand in its own right in the 1970s. Topshop has developed into a high-street brand that repeatedly triggers hypes among fashion bloggers with individual products and is also worn by stars with pleasure. Thus, on the one hand, Topshop can offer rather inexpensive fashion for a younger audience, but at the same time also has a personal shopping service on offer. In 2016, the first Topshop stores came to Germany.

Subbrands: Unique & Boutique

Topshop has been creating the two more exclusive brands “Unique” and “Boutique” for years. Both are priced above the normal Topshop level. “Topshop Unique” is presented annually at London Fashion Week and is characterized by higher quality, sophisticated and more high-fashion oriented fashion. “Boutique” is modern and simple, perfect for young fashion-loving women.

For men, there is the brand “Topman”, which comes quite after Topshop both in price and target audience.

Style & target group: fashionable & trendy

The clothes of the British brand are fashionable and oriented to high fashion rather than fast-moving trends. Thus, not only young girls, but also women should become the target group. Especially young business women, who do not yet get the very big salary, but attach importance to fashionable appearance, should be addressed by the collections. The prices are correspondingly high: Somewhat higher than comparable fashion chains, but still reasonably priced.

3 facts about the brand

Here you can find some interesting facts about the brand:

Topshop promotes young designers – Fact 1

  • Topshop promotes young designers at London Fashion Week through “NewGen” and “Fashion East,” two initiatives supported by Topshop. Young designers thus have the opportunity to participate in Topshop fashion shows.

Largest flagship store in the world in London – Fact 2

  • The flagship store at London’s Oxford Circus is the largest fashion store in the world with about 8,400 square meters and five floors, according to Topshop. There is a restaurant, hair salon, catwalk and various other extras in it.

Have clothes suggested with “My Topshop Wardrobe” – Fact 3

  • Under “My Topshop Wardrobe”, after asking a few questions, you can have clothes suggested that match your own look, or redefine your own style. A great service for indecisive people and fashion beginners!

Topshop Jeans: Mom Jeans & Used Look

Topshop jeans need no introduction. Casual chic promises the Jamie jeans with a tight cut . Or store the brand’s relaxed styles with mom jeans, featuring used-look versions, rips at the knee and unhemmed edges – the ideal choice for more variety in your denim wardrobe. In a long-term relationship with Joni jeans? No problem. Topshop’s super-tight Joni jeans have achieved their cult status for a reason, with a choice of leather-look washes and coatings to expertly show off your legs every day.

Most popular collaborations: Stars & Designers

The fashion label’s collaborations with star designers such as Christopher Kane, Celia Birtwell, David Koma and Marios Schwab ensure time and again that the trends from the catwalk are affordable for everyone. In 2015, sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner stepped into the fashion icon’s shoes and launched their own first collection for Topshop, “Kendall & Kylie.” Their designs are a tribute to the Californian lifestyle: flowing fabrics with floral prints that show a lot of skin.

Ivy Park by Beyoncé & Celebrity Fans

All-rounder Beyoncé also tried her hand at designing for Topshop in 2016 with her “Ivy Park” sports collection. The queen of pop designed outfits for any sporting activity. Whether swimsuits, leggings, tops, sports bras or sportswear – sports fans around the globe can now do their workout in Beyoncé’s creations. The British label is also incredibly popular among celebrity ladies: Nicole Richie, Toni Garrn and Naomi Campbell already showed up on the red carpet in Topshop dresses. Miranda Kerr, Olivia Palermo and Taylor Swift rely on the style of the trendy brand, especially in everyday life.

Topshop x Kate Moss

Topshop pulled off a fabulous coup by signing supermodel Kate Moss as a guest designer. After all, Kate Moss is considered one of the greatest style icons of our time. Everyone wants to wear her look, so it was a smart move to let her design clothes herself. Kate Moss has already designed several collections for Topshop, which reflect the cool Brit-chic of the top model.

Brands like Topshop: Asos & Zara

Besides Topshop, Asos and Zara are also among the most sought-after fashion brands. These luxury brands sell men’s and women’s fashion as well as bags, shoes and accessories.

Asos: dress, fisherman hat & Nike Air Force

Asos is the UK’s largest online mail order company and also one of the most popular websites in the world to buy clothes online. The reason for its extreme popularity? Asos has both more expensive designer items and inexpensive alternatives – every type of style is catered for here. To learn more about Asos and its collections click on the link below.

Zara: Brand, Boots, Fashion Style & Fashion for Men and Women

The Spanish fashion company is internationally successful and has earned its founder a place among the world’s super-rich. Zara is the best-known fashion brand of the Inditex group, which also includes Pull&Bear and Bershka… Find out more about Zara by clicking on the link below.

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