Levi’s brand: jeans, denim jacket and winter jacket

Levis – popular fashion brand Levi’s, just like Esprit and Diesel, is one of the most famous and popular jeans brands in the world. In addition to jeans, the brand also sells clothing for women, men and children, as well as accessories. In this article you will find the history of the brand and how the label was founded. You’ll also learn about some of the brand’s collaborations, its collections and its most famous garments.

Jeans brand foundation

Founded by Levi Strauss in 1853, the company was initially focused exclusively on the production of work pants. Seven years later, Levi’s conquered the American market with the denim fabric that Levi’s uses for its pants.

In 1873, the tailor Jacob Davis came up with the brilliant idea to sew pockets on the jeans, which gave the work pants more stability. These jeans received after the introduction of serial numbers, the number 501. The Levi’s 501 is still one of the most popular jeans models of the brand.

Thus, the jeans brand got its popularity and has not lost it since then. Since day 1, Levi’s jeans are among the most popular jeans in the world. Today, the fashion group has over 260 stores of its own.

Diesel foundation at a glance

  • Diesel was founded in 1853
  • 1860 conquest of the American market with denim jeans
  • Since 1873 Levi’s jeans have trouser pockets
  • Until today the brand Levi’s is one of the most successful brands for jeans worldwide

The Levi’s logo has been changed nine times since the company was founded. Here you can see an overview of all the logos of the brand, including the latest brand logo of the popular fashion label:

Most popular clothes from Levi’s

Levi’s clothing is very diverse. Despite the fact that the company was designed for work clothing, the brand has increased the range of products in recent years. The assortment is suitable for everyone. Whether for women, men, children or plus size everyone will find what they are looking for. Levis jeans are available in a variety of styles. To name a few these pants are available as mom jeans, high waist jeans, bootcut, dungarees, leather pants, skinny jeans, corduroy pants, chino pants and cargo pants among others. The pants are not only available in different designs and sizes, but also in different colors.

Besides a wide range of jeans, the brand also offers a variety of jackets such as coat, corduroy jacket, fur jacket, leather jacket, college jacket, denim jacket, winter jacket, down jacket and puffer jacket. Besides, you can find various tops like hoodie, flannel shirt, fleece sweater, fleece hoodie, shirt, dress, long sleeve shirt, sweater, sweatshirt, teddy sweater, T shirt and vest.

Levi’s is also very popular among celebrities. The successful model Hailey Bieber often wears Levi’s jeans. Here the model wears Levi’s dad jeans with a white crop top. Hailey combines it with a black leather jacket and black heeled boots.

Most popular Levi’s jeans pants

Here you can find the most popular jeans models from Levis’s for women, men and children:

  • 501
  • 512
  • 311
  • 710

Levi’s 501 denim jeans for men and women

Here you can see a commercial for the popular Levi’s jeans. The pants are very popular with both men and women.

Levi’s collaborations

Levi’s has already created a variety of fashion collections and collaborations. Here you can find a selection of the most popular collaborations:

Levi’s x Bape

The brand A Bathing Ape aka Bape is one of the most famous streetwear labels in the world. Bape and Levi’s have teamed up for several fashion collections that combines individual elements from both fashion brands. Included in the collections are the following garments, among others: T-shirt, denim jacket and cap.

Levi’s x New Balance – Denim Sneaker

The well-known sneaker brand New Balance has a huge selection of sneakers. Together with Levi’s, the two labels have given the sneakers a new polish and presented in joint collections, the shoes designed by the two brands. The sneakers were made from the denim fabric of the popular 501 jeans. As is usual for New Balance, the N logo is centrally located on the sneaker.

Levis x Jordan Air 4

The Nike Jordan Air sneakers have been among the most famous and popular sneakers in the world for decades. Nike and Levi’s have collaborated to create three different versions of the Jordan Air 4. The sneakers are made of the classic Levi’s denim and have the Jordan logo on the front of the tongue. The sneakers are available in blue, black and white. In this video you will be introduced to all three sneakers in detail.

Q&A about Levi’s brand

Here you will be answered some questions about the fashion brand Diesel:

Who founded Levi’s?

Levi’s was founded by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. Because the two made jeans so popular, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis are considered the inventors of jeans.

When was Levi’s founded?

The Levi’s brand was founded in 1853.

Why are Levi’s jeans so popular ?

Levi’s jeans are very popular due to their high quality.

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