Bugatti brand: shoes, clothing, jacket and accessories

Bugatti – The fashion brand Bugatti is just like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein a popular brand among men. The successful German fashion label is known for its relaxed casual style. Bugatti offers a wide range of high-quality styles, ranging from classic basics to chic statement pieces. In this article you will learn everything important about the foundation of the brand and get to know the most famous products such as clothes, shoes and accessories.

Foundation of the family business

In 1947, Friedrich Wilhelm Brinkmann founded the company, which is now run by the second and third generations of the Brinkmann family. In 1978, the Bugatti designed the City Coat men’s coat. The coat became one of Bugatti’s most popular products. In 1990 Bugatti expanded its range to include accessories, shoes, luggage, homewear and underwear, which they then licensed.

Eleven years later, the company created its first men’s collection. Another ten years later followed the first women’s collection, starting with jackets, coats, shoes and bags. In 2014, Bugatti expanded, opening 30 stores and over 200 store spaces worldwide.

In the almost 75 years of its existence, today’s Bugatti Holding Brinkmann GmbH & Co. KG from Herford has developed into one of the most important clothing companies in Germany and has become a true global player, selling more than 10 million articles per year.

Foundation of the brand at a glance

  • 1947 Foundation
  • 1978 City Coat
  • 1990 Licenses
  • 2001 First men’s collection
  • 2011 First women collection
  • 2014 First stores opened

Logo of the brand Bugatti

Here you can see the logo of Bugatti.

Popular products: Clothing, shoes and accessories

Bugatti has a wide range of products. The in a wide variety of styles that are suitable for any occasion.

Bugatti clothes: jacket, sweater and coat

At Bugatti you can find some high quality clothes for men and women. From comfortable and casual everyday clothes to evening wear, you can find it all. The selection of different clothing is very large. You can get various suits, pants, jackets, coats, winter jackets, sweaters, jeans, t-shirts, dresses, leather jacket, sweatshirts and underwear. The clothes are in plain colors like black, gray, white, dark blue and beige. Few clothes are available in eye-catching colors like red.

In this video you can get an idea about Bugatti clothing.

Among the most popular garments are:

  • Flexcity pants
  • Slim fit suit
  • Jacket

Bugatti shoes: boots, winter shoes and more

Shoes like boots, sneakers, boots and lace-up shoes you can find enough at Bugatti. The shoes are suitable for any occasion. If you are looking for classic lace-up shoes made of high quality leather, which match your suit and complete your business looks, Bugatti is the right place for you. Also shoes for casual occasions, such as sneakers you will find in the selection of the fashion brand. Also suitable for every season, can be found at the German brand. Whether winter shoes, such as boots or sandals. For men and women, everything is there.

You can find the most popular shoe models from Bugatti here:

  • Yuki sneaker
  • Business lace up
  • Winter boots
  • Boots
  • Overknees

Bugatti accessories: bag, watch and suitcase

Besides a variety of clothing and shoes, Bugatti also has a wide range of accessories to offer. The brand sells several bags. Among the bags Bugatti has in its range are shoulder bag, backpack, suitcase and toilet bag.

Besides bags you can also find jewelry like watches at Bugatti. But also a belt to match the purse are available at Bugatti.

Among the most popular accessories from Bugatti are the following items:

  • Suitcase Horizon
  • Messenger shoulder bag
  • Briefcase

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