Strellson: brand, leather jacket, suit & urban fashion for men

Strellson – For men who know what they want. The brand stands for a sporty and young attitude to life in the city. The urban fashion is perfect for men who appreciate fresh and trendy designs, but value clean lines and a timeless chic. The success of the Swiss clothing manufacturer Strellson is based on high-quality fashion in the premium sector. In this article you will learn more about the background and style of the fashion brand.

History of the Swiss fashion label

The Swiss fashion label Strellson was founded in 1984 by former Hugo Boss owners and brothers Jochen and Uwe Holy. In 1984 they had bought out the Swiss coat producer Friedrich Staehl and initially produced for other labels before finally selling the family business Hugo Boss and renaming the new company Strellson.

With the naming, a new brand was launched. The first own collection appeared in 1985 with suits, jackets and pants for men on the German market. Four years later, the Holy brothers bought their own production facility in Portugal, and additional sales outlets were opened in Europe. Under the management of Reiner Pichler, the fashion label grew into a leading label for urban men’s fashion. In 1998, Strellson added knitwear and leather jackets to its classic suits and shirts. Shortly thereafter, the fashion label again expanded its product range and acquired the license for Tommy Hilfiger Tailores Clothing Europe.

In 2005, the Strellson company received the Textile Industry Forum Award. In the same year, Strellson expanded its range with its own sportswear label Strellson Swiss Cross, which three years later became the independent line Strellson Sportswear. In the meantime, all Strellson AG brands are combined under the umbrella of the Holy Fashion Group.

History in brief

Here you will find the history of Strellson briefly summarized once again:

  • 1984: Founded by the former Hugo Boss owners Jochen and Uwe Holy
  • 1985: First own collection with suits, jackets and pants for men
  • 1998: To the classic suits and shirts, also knitwear and leather jackets in its collections with on
  • 2005: The Strellson company received the Forum Award of the Textile Industry.
  • 2011: Opening of the first flagship store in Düsseldorf

Strellson Lines & Fashion

The main line Strellson Premium consists mainly of elegant designs, such as suits and jackets made of lightweight materials, as well as sweaters and jeans in classic cuts and bright colors. Strellson Sportswear, on the other hand, features sporty cuts and casual accessories. Cargo shorts, longsleeves, sweaters and windbreakers stand out with functional designs and materials, while college prints and jeans emphasize the sporty look.

The fashion is bold, straightforward, innovative and cosmopolitan. Strellson designs and produces pure and authentic, high-quality fashion for passionate men around the world who go their own way. The product range includes mainly suits, pants, shirts, sweaters, bags and shoes. Strellson products are available in specialty clothing stores in over 20 European countries. Strellson clothing is also sold in Russia, Canada, Hong Kong and South Africa. Strellson operates 61 of its own stores; international locations include Paris, Bern, Vienna and Johannesburg.

Interview with Strellson CEO Marcel Braun

Not Milan, not Paris, but Kreuzlingen in Thurgau: Marcel Braun is CEO of the successful Swiss fashion group Holy Fashion Group, which is active in over 50 countries worldwide. Six questions about the DNA of the menswear brand Strellson.

Spring / Summer Collection 2021

This year, the journey of the Strellson man goes from the Swiss rivers, over the mountains to the capital of Cuba – and so the Spring/Summer Collection 2022 is also divided into three themes. The mix of diverse elements creates a natural tension in the looks, while the entire collection is subordinated to the aspects of function, performance, comfort and lightness.

Q&A: Strellson

Strellson designs and produces pure and authentic high quality fashion for passionate men around the world who go their own way. Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the brand:

Who are the founders of the brand?

Jochen and Uwe Holy are the founders.

What is Strellson’s slogan?

Urban fashion for men who are always on the move.

In which year was Strellson founded?

The brand was founded in 1984.

What products does the brand offer?

Menswear, Accessories, Fashion, Clothing, Apparel, Luxury

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