Philipp Plein Videos: Glamour, lifestyle and fashion

Philipp Plein – The luxury brand with the designer of the same name is known for a lot of studs, skulls, leather and glitter. The designer has also made it with his outfits in the popular formats GNTM and ANTM. In this article you will get insights into his fashion shows, his life and his story in connection with the great success of his brand, which also reaches the celebrities. All about the brand: Philipp Plein.

Fashion show: Philipp Plein looks

As a great fashion designer, Philipp Plein can also be found at the major famous fashion weeks of the fashion world.

Spring / summer outfits with a lot of glamour

The Digital Fashion Show 2022.

Fall / Winter Fashion Show in Milan

The new 2022 / 2023 collection on the Milan catwalk.

Perfume: invitation to the life of Philipp Plein

The fragrance No Limits is an invitation to a world of unlimited possibilities, limitless power, money, success, fun and pleasures. It is an invitation to the excessive high-voltage life of Philipp Plein.

Celebrities: front row or right on the catwalk

Celebrities who model for Philipp Plein or are right at the front of the fashion show.

On the catwalk for Philipp Plein

In the 2019 Cannes fashion show, models like Winnie Harlow, Alessandra Ambrosio and many more walked for the designer.

Front row at NYC Fashion Show

At the Spring / Summer Fashion Show 2018, stars such as Nicki Minaj and Bella Thorne, among others, sat in the front row.

Interviews with Harper’s Bazaar

Get exclusive information from Philipp Plein himself in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

The history of Philipp Plein

He has one of the craziest origin stories and he doesn’t have a traditional background in fashion, but somehow he has amassed a loyal fan base and a multi-million dollar fashion empire. This is the story of Philipp Plein.

Let us take you into the crazy world of Philipp Plein.

Store in London

Opened in 2016, his store spans four floors on New Bond Street in Mayfair, London’s center for luxury fashion.

Awards: All or nothing

A great success in our world is to win an award. Philipp Plein has done that with his fashion brand, and not just once.

GQ Awards: Brand of the year

Star Rita Ora presents Philipp Plein with the Brand of the Year Award at the GQ Awards.

Monte Carlo Fashion Week Awards

Honored by Princess Charlene, Philipp Plein received the MCFW Award 2016.

Philipp Plein: The brand

Rivets, skulls and lots of leather – the Philipp Plein luxury label by the designer of the same name relies on deliberately measured provocation. With outstanding success: celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Marcus Schenkenberg are among the brand’s fans. After initially trying his hand in the interior design industry, the Munich-based designer reoriented himself in 2008 and founded his fashion label Philipp Plein. He polarized with his rocky and unconventional collections. These helped the German-born designer to establish himself in the fashion industry and especially in the USA. Meanwhile, luxury lovers from all over the world rely on the eccentric looks of Philipp Plein.