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Fila – Fila is a fashion brand founded in Italy with a focus on sporting goods, which is now managed by a South Korean company. The company specializes in footwear, apparel and accessories for various sports. The products are very popular worldwide both among athletes and for everyday use. You can learn everything about the brand in this article.

Fila: The brand

In 1911, the Italian brothers Ettore and Giansevero Fila founded the eponymous brand. In the beginning, they mainly developed clothing for the people of the Italian Alps, mainly underwear. With the new managing director Enrico Frachey in 1974, the switch to the production of sportswear began. The brand then gained notoriety through athletes, such as tennis player Boris Becker.

You can see more about the history of Fila in the following video.

Logo: The blue red “F

There are several versions of the Fila logo. The first is the “F-Box”. The F is in a dark blue square. Even then, this consisted of two parts. Above is a horizontal red line with rounded corners. Below is a short blue curved stripe at right angles. The blue allowed the designers to play with contrasts.

The current logo was introduced in the late 1980s. The box around the “F” was removed and the other letters of the name were added in the same style.

Designer Michael Staib: Loyalty over trends

Since 2020, Michael Staib, who has been active at Adidas, Joop and Esprit, has been a designer at Fila. He is aiming for a new direction for Fila Europe, even though they have had great success with following the trends in recent years. His motto to be successful in the future as well is “find, focus and differentiate.” He believes that you don’t have to want to please everyone, but build an emotionally strong and convincing brand image to the outside world. This is possible by making use of Fila’s roots, which also means remaining true to the brand.

In the new collection was tried to process this train of thought. The result is three strong areas: Sport, Street and Archive. Each part has a strong and own, but also overarching combinable color world and looks. The idea behind this is that all styles can be combined with each other and thus a great play is created.

With the 110th anniversary, the archive is also a constant source of inspiration for the new collections. That is why they are always happy to collaborate with their museum in Biella. For this reason, a visit to the museum is high on Michael Staib’s to-do list.

Here you can see the Fila Museum in Biella from the outside and move around a bit in the room yourself.

This video features other leaders at Fila talking about the brand.

Collaborations: Celebrities and fashion brands

Whether collaboration between fashion brand and fashion brand or with models and musicians. That’s what you find at Fila.

Collection with Phillip Lim

American fashion label Phillip Lim, which has already had great success, cooperates with Fila.

Leni Klum sporty on the road

By now you should know her: Leni Klum. Together with her and Deichmann Fila created a new collection, to see in this commercial.

BTS “Now On” Collection

Fila also teamed up with the world-famous K-pop band BTS. The outfits can be seen in this video.

Shows and advertising

Also sporting goods manufacturers can not be missing at fashion shows, so Fila, although the brand is now more than that. Therefore, here once fashion shows and commercials from Fila.

Fashion show of the summer collection

Here is the spring / summer collection 2020.

Winter Fashion Show in Milan

The winter collection 2021 / 2022, presented in Milan, is available here.

Fila Commercial: everything for sports

No matter what kind of sport you need something, you will certainly find it at Fila. This becomes clear in this commercial.

More videos from Fila:

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The most frequently asked questions

Who owns Fila?

In 2007, GLBH Holdings bought the majority of shares in Fila Luxembourg, the owner of the trademark rights to Fila, from Sport Brands International (SBI).

Where does the name Fila come from?

The name, as well as the brand itself comes from Italy.

Is Fila hip?

Fila is hip again. From the brand’s point of view, the comeback is terrific, because a few years ago the brand still had its place in cheap department stores and discounters – far away from the dazzling lifestyle world. The styles that scored points with a touch of vintage more than 20 years ago are cooler than ever today: Fila is one of the hottest brands and makes the hearts of fashionistas and real fashion lovers with an urge for sportswear beat faster worldwide.

How long has the Fila brand been around?

The FILA story began in 1911 in a small Italian town at the foot of the Alps.