Balr: Brand, History, Trends & Campaigns

Balr – An international luxury lifestyle brand known for its high-end fashion, travel products and accessories for men and women. The Dutch brand has created a complete range of high quality products that inspire to live the life of a real Balr.

History of a trend brand

Founded in 2013 by Demy de Zeeuw, Juul Manders and Ralph de Geus, Balr is the true embodiment of a trendy fashion brand. The company is focused on a young and ambitious audience and with the help of the brand, brings the luxurious lifestyle of exceptional athletes within reach for all those who work hard to live their dream. The vision of many people is to become a great and above all successful person. Greatness is not the result of a careful selection process. It is the result of action! It is found not only in great achievements, but also in the smallest details. It is fundamentally about aiming high. Not taking no for an answer and persevering in the very moments when others have given up.

Collections for every season

Balr puts a lot of thought into every single collection. Not only do they pick a specific message, but they also try to capture it perfectly in their promotional videos, paying attention to every little detail.

Autumn and winter

This fall / winter collection is a set of premium pieces that evoke feelings of majesty and splendor. It is an elegant, subtle and dignified collection that focuses on the beauty of the products, the implementation of the design and the refinement of the details.

Spring and summer

Here’s a sneak peek of Balr’s Spring-Summer 2021 campaign. The collection embodies real life. The iconic hexagon background in calm white captures the characters ready for the new year. Elegantly understated yet unashamedly bold.

Campaigns of all kinds

Balr likes to collaborate with strong brands to create unique and special items. Past collaborations have included Call of Duty and Fernando Torres. Together with Puma they have not only developed a collection.

Balr x Puma

An exclusive collaboration between two top fashion manufacturers, both rooted in soccer and inspired by today’s lifestyle and cultural influences. The collaboration embodies the world of soccer, with Puma representing the culture on the pitch and Balr showcasing the life of a player off the pitch. Inspired by the BALR. aesthetic and using premium materials and craftsmanship, the collection includes a BALR. FUTURE shoe worn exclusively by Antoine Griezmann. Other pieces in the collection include sweatpants, shorts, hoodies and game jerseys, as well as a limited edition Orbiter sneaker.

Call of Duty

Balr has partnered with Call of Duty to create a limited edition capsule collection to bridge the gap between fashion and gaming. Together, this collection celebrates the release of the most coveted game. The unique designs are modeled after the game and feature colors and patterns familiar from Call of Duty. With this collection they hit the bull’s eye and celebrated great success with it.

Fernando Torres: Great pride

It was with great pride that Balr was able to announce the collaboration with Spanish striker Fernando Torres. With his unstoppable passion and incredible goal-scoring ability, he not only conquers the hearts of fans of all clubs. He has probably already won all the prizes that can be won in soccer and not just once. But for this success he also had to work hard. When he has a goal in mind, he really gives everything to achieve it and perseveres when others already give up. Thus he fits perfectly into the Balr family and the Balr life.

Q&A Balr: The Top 3

Who owns the brand?

Luxury lifestyle brand Balr was founded by three Dutchmen: Ralph de Geus, Demy de Zeeuw and Juul Manders.

What does Balr stand for?

The brand stands for “youth, ambition, quality and luxury”.

Where and what does Balr produce?

BAlr produces all its clothing in Turkey. Current best seller are the T-shirts

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