Gant videos: Fashion shows, projects and interviews

Gant – For already 70 years you can find the Swedish fashion brand with American roots on the market. Casual hoodies and sweaters, but also polo shirts, as well as fancier sweaters belong among other things to the assortment. Check out the products in fashion shows and commercials here and learn more about the brand and exciting projects. All about the brand: Gant.

Fashion Show: Spring/Summer Looks

Whether in Berlin or New York, Gant can be seen at the major fashion shows.

Boys & Girls: On the catwalks of the world from an early age

Children’s clothing is characterized by cool, colorful and comfortable clothes for all occasions.

Women & Men: Strides into the summer

See here now with your own eyes the summer collection 2022 of women and men.

Past and future: journey through time

For a long time Gant has been on the global market, for this reason they see it as a task to learn from the past and invest in the future. They also want to provide a better world as a fashion brand and deal with current issues that have a high priority in society.

Seven Decades Seven Icons: Celebration must be

For 70 years now the fashion brand has been around, and to celebrate they look back at seven decades and make a case for seven icons. With this in mind, they once again present clothes that have truly stood the test of time.

Liberty Fabric: freshness through contrasts

A combination of the American sportswear and the sassy London charm.

The Future of American Sportswear: A Look Ahead

Despite Gant’s long life, they don’t just want to look back, they want to look forward, which is what this collection is supposed to stand for.

Pioneers of Change: Fighting for Equality

Gant is committed to the struggle for equality, her motto is: to win, we must be stronger than just one generation. Therefore, we must learn from the past and appreciate the achievements of the brave before us.

Sustainability: It’s complicated, but not impossible

They also deal with the topic that is becoming more and more significant and relevant nowadays, as well as constantly growing in size: sustainability.

The history of Gant

Now that you’ve gotten a few impressions of Gant’s products, you may also be somewhat interested in the story behind the fashion brand.

Interview: Michael Bastian about New York Fashion Week

In an interview, fashion designer Michael Bastian tells more about the collaboration with Gant for New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010.

Autumn / Winter: What happens behind the curtains

Here you can get a few impressions of the collection and the process behind the scenes.

Gant: All about the brand

Gant is a lifestyle brand clearly influenced by the American Sportswear style. It offers high-quality, modern casual wear that is also characterized by a European touch. The company’s values and authenticity date back to the brand’s founding in 1949 on the American East Coast. Today, Gant is a global lifestyle brand that covers the full spectrum of clothing for men, women and children. In addition, the company offers watches, shoes, underwear, fragrances and a home collection.

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