Palm Angels: brand, shirt, suit, pants, sweater and jogging suit

Palm Angels – Just like Off-White or Fear of God, Palm Angels is also one of the most famous labels in the streetwear scene. The Italian fashion label from Italy is known for its casual streetwear clothes. Some celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Chris Brown, Tyga, Future and Benzema are known to love wearing the clothes of the Italian label. These include tracksuit consisting of pants and jacket. Also shirt , hoodie and coat are gladly shopped. Learn all about the designer, his success story, how the brand name Palm Angels came about and get to know some cool collections that the Italian has created. If you want to learn more about other streetwear brands, check out our brand guide.

The city of palms and angels

Italian photographer Francesco Ragazzi photographs and documents skate culture in Los Angeles. As a collection, these images were published in a book. The Italian was inspired by American skater culture and fashion. To reflect his own aesthetic, he then created his own clothes based on the skate culture in Los Angeles. The label focuses on casual and cool collections, some of which are printed with eye-catching lettering and colorful prints. The focus is on the basic line. Rivets, graphics and structural effects freshen up the look and show the fashion designer’s love of detail. The label stands is a mix of luxury and classic streetwear and this composition makes Palm Angels so unique.

The complete concept of the fashion company is based on the skater scene from Los Angeles. Los Angeles is also called the City of Plams and Angels. The brand name clearly indicates the reference to the city of Los Angeles.

Social media and some celebrities are a big part that have been important to Palm Angels’ corporate success. US stars like Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams were one of the first celebrities to wear Palm Angels clothing.

Palms Angels popular fashion

The popular fashion company Palm Angels has a wide range of clothing items. These include t-shirt, suit or sweat suit, bomber jacket, college jacket, polo long sleeve shirt, leggings, sweatshirt, top hoodie, pants, winter jacket, sweatpants, vest, sweater, crop top, shirt, jeans, denim jacket, dress, skirt, top and rain jacket. In addition to clothing, the American fashion house also creates accessories. Accessories sold by Palm Angels include the following items: Fanny pack, Sunglasses, IPhone case. Cap, beanie, cap, fanny pack, fishing hat, shoulder bag, backpack and scarf.

Palm Angels is one of the brands in high fashion with the best-selling products. Many influencers, actors, singers, rappers and models are loyal fans of the fashion brand. Even the US model Kendall Jenner was often seen in Palm Angels outfits. Leaving Nobu in Malibu, Kendall is wearing a Palm Angels floral print blazer dress. The dress is green and has pink flowers and a brown thumb. She combined the dress with a black handbag and white sneakers.

The cult tracksuit of rappers

One of the most popular Palm Angels products are the tracksuits. The suits are available in the following colors in the assortment of the Italian fashion house: baby blue, dark blue, purple, white, gray, green, orange, pink, red, pink, neon, white and black. The Italian fashion house owes its fame to numerous US rappers and musicians. Thus, the tracksuits became known worldwide and received their constant hype.

Also the US-American rapper Lil Baby, who is known for his worldwide hits like “Yes Indeed” and “Drip Too Hard”, which are awarded several times, shows his preference for the Italian label. Not only in his spare time Lil Baby wears you suits, in the most different colors, no also in his music videos. Among other things, in the music video for the song “Forever” the rapper wears a red Palm Angels suit decorated with flames. The music video currently has over 30 million clicks, from rap fans worldwide.

Palm Angels tracksuit is not only popular among men. British singer and songwriter Dua Lipa is also known for her loyal love of Palm Angels. Be it on vacation with friends or on stage. She also performed in a Palm Angels tracksuit. In front of about 5000 people, the singer gave a concert in Brixton, London. Her outfit consisted of a black Palm Angel suit covered with rhinestones. She combined it with a black bralette and black Adidas Originals Gazelle sneakers.

Bear Over Collection Palm Angels

The fashion label offers a variety of tops for men, women and children in its range. Among the most famous and popular tops are the logo T-shirt, with the Palms Angels print on the collar and on the back of the T-shirt. In addition, the t-shirt, with the teddy bear whose head is detached is also a sales hit at Palms Angel. In addition, this motif with the teddy bear is also available as a hoodie, sweatshirt, cap, sneaker and fishing cap.

Palms Angels x Moncler

Moncler is an Italian fashion label, which was founded in France. The popular clothing company is known and loved among other things for its padded down jackets. The Italian fashion company has several collaborations with the label Palms Angels. The Italian photographer and founder of Palms Angels started his career in the fashion industry with an internship at Moncler. Later he became the artistic director at Moncler, taking care of all the fashion brand’s campaigns, images and communication projects. After Francesco Ragazzi, the founder of Palm Angels, left Moncler, the two fashion labels cooperated and created garments such as T-shirt, vest, jacket and sweater.

Palm Angels X Missoni

Missoni is an Italian family-owned clothing and luxury goods company. The label is known for its elegant and chic garments. The colorful garments that are made of knitwear are decorated with cool patterns. Patterns like zig zag, stripes and herringbone make the label distinctive.

The Italian label recently cooperated with Palm Angels and presented a collection. Here two worlds meet that could not have been more different. Missoni, the label for luxurious and chic knitwear together with Palm Angel, the fashion company for casual street and sportswear. But this is exactly what makes the collection so interesting. In the collection of the two Italian fashion labels are represented the following garments: Tracksuits, zipper cardigans, hoodies, skirts and accessories such as hats, sneakers and sandals. For these collections, the two designers have agreed to create a common logo for the clothing. The new logo consists of two oval-shaped circles with Palm Angel written in capital letters on the outside and Missoni written in capital letters on the inside.

Palm Angels Legendary Fashion Show

Palm Angels presented a collection full of futuristic clothes in this New York Fashion Week fashion show. The models were accompanied on the catwalk with a laser light show. The lasers, music and movements of the models were all coordinated and harmonized very nicely with each other. The collection was inspired by hunting and fishing. The models walked the runway in vests, jackets and coats with three to five mesh-lined pockets that breathe new life into functional clothing.

If you want to watch more videos from Palm Angels, click on the link.

Brands like Palm Angels: Moncler & Off White

Palm Angels, Moncler and Offwhite are high fashion brands that sell clothes in casual streetwear style. They are among the most popular brands in the world.

Moncler: cap, vest, jacket, tracksuit

Italian clothing company Moncler, which was founded in France, first sold mountaineering equipment. Among the mountaineering equipment are the down jackets, which are still very popular today. Learn more about the fashion label, fashion shows, collections and campaigns of Moncler by clicking on the link.

Off white: shoes, hoodie, shoes, t-shirt, sneakers, sweater

Off White is an Italian luxury fashion label that sells streetwear. The cult streetwear label is known for its stylish but at the same time casual clothing. If you want to learn more about the brand, its products, fashion shows and other cool facts, check out the Off White article.

Even more fashion brands and designers

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