Palm Angels videos : collection, fashion week and commercial

Palm Angels Videos – Founded in Los Angeles, the fashion label is known for its casual clothing, such as tracksuits, for men and women. The US label has established itself worldwide and is one of the most popular streetwear brands. Here you will find a small selection of the most popular collections, promotional videos and fashion shows of the American fashion house. In this article you will also find an interview with the founder of Palm Angels, in which he talks about his collaboration with Moncler and what inspires him in his work.

Women & men: summer & winter for men

Palm Angels has created several diverse collections for men and women. These collections presented the American fashion label also at several fashion weeks. Here you can find a small selection of the best collections of the label.

Winter: Milan Fashion Week

In this collection the clothes are in grunge or gothic style. The models wear clothes which are studded. Also the clothes all look very similar. Mainly plaid shirts and plaid pants. In addition, studded leather pants, leather skirts, leather tops, as well as vinyl pants, biker jackets and studded caps were worn by the models.

Summer: Milan Fashion Week

When Ragazzi, the founder of Palm Angels, created this fashion collection he thought of Yosemite National Park. Then he also started working with Under Armour. And then he collaborated with Swedish House Mafia. Those three factors had a big impact on the collection, and that’s how it all came together. Ragazzi met with the musicians Swedish House Mafia and took out some “rave” elements like neon, chest bands and micro-matrix glasses into his collection. As for Yosemite, prints of terrain maps and snow-covered pines found their way onto shirts.

Commercials: Moncler x Palm Angels

The fashion labels Moncler and Palm Angels, are among the most popular fashion labels in the world. The cooperation is also one of the most popular collaborations of high fashion brands ever.

Moncler x Palm Angels vest and down jacket

Here we present the Palm Angels x Moncler collection. The collection consisted mainly of denim jackets and vests. The outerwear is decorated with badges and patchwork prints. The jackets and vests are in shimmering and hypnotic metallic colors. Among others in the colors blue, red, black, purple, pink and orange.

Interviews: Francesco Ragazzi

Francesco Ragazzi answers some questions about his collaboration with Moncler in this interview. It also shows some garments and tells something about their creation.

Interview with Palm Angels founder about Moncler

Palm Angels designer Francesco Ragazzi, gives WWD’s Style Director Alex Badia an inside look at 8 Moncler Palm Angels, the expanded second collection from Moncler Genius, and talks about how vandalism inspired him.

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