Buffalo: Mexican cowboy boots, boots, women’s fashion & history

Buffalo – The history of Buffalo begins in 1979 with Mexican cowboy boots. After the introduction of the first sports shoe, growth was rapid and today it is impossible to imagine the shoe market without the brand. Just like Puma, Nike and Adidas, Buffalo is one of the most successful shoe brands.

From cowboy boot to sports shoe

Buffalo Boots was founded in 1979 in Hochheim am Main, Germany. In the early years, the brand focused only on cowboy boots, as they were the most popular shoes for teenagers at the time. In the 80s Buffalo launched its first sports shoe and became a worldwide success. This success allowed the brand to expand abroad and today there are branches in countries such as America, England, France, the Netherlands, Australia and Austria. Buffalo Boots has continued this success and now has an extensive collection of shoes. This ranges from boots to sneakers to heeled shoes. The brand has become so popular that world stars like Madonna and the Spice Girls have started wearing the shoes.

What began in the early years by offering only western boots has now expanded to countless variations of modern footwear fashion. Buffalo Boots initially sold its cowboy boots exclusively in Germany. When the company developed its first athletic shoes in 20 different color combinations in the 1980s, Buffalo was able to expand internationally. Until the mid-1980s, Buffalo was primarily a shoe brand for men. However, as the range expanded, Buffalo became equally popular with women. In 1995, the first sports shoes with a platform midsole came onto the market, which were an absolute novelty at the time. The platform shoes were initially popular mainly in the techno scene, and later with a wide audience. Now many celebreties also became aware of the shoe brand. Among others, the Spice Girls, Madonna, N’Sync and Cher wore shoes from Buffalo. Since then, the collections have been expanded more and more, especially women’s shoes.

History in brief:

  • 1979: Foundation Buffalo Boots in Hochheim
  • First focus on cowboy boots
  • 80s: first sports shoe
  • Expansion abroad
  • Worn by the Spice Girls, Madonna and many other stars

Known for the style

What makes this brand special is the attention to detail in every shoe. The shoes all have a unique design that can be seen from a mile away. The shoes are also made of the best materials and have a very long life. Finally, comfort plays a big role at Buffalo. For example, if you look at one of the latest series, Buffalo Plateau, you will find in it a very soft and large sole, which provides optimal comfort.

Ladies collection in the foreground

Buffalo Boots has an extensive women’s collection. Focusing entirely on women, the brand has had enough time over the years to find out exactly what women expect and want from a shoe. In this way, Buffalo focuses on three important features: comfort, quality and style. By using the best materials, soft and elastic soles and extensive knowledge of current fashion trends, the brand is able to offer one of the best collections of shoes on the world market. With Buffalo shoes you can be sure that you are making a good purchase.

Annual collections

Twice a year Buffalo presents its new and unique collections, which not only pick up existing trends, but also set them themselves! From glamorous party girl to sneaker lover to elegant boss lady – each style combines cool design and high-quality workmanship.

Shoes full of variety

Whether elegant pumps, glamorous party shoes or winter boots – the diverse shoe fashion from Buffalo combines quality and high quality with modern and trendy design. Feminine, elegant and with that certain extra.

Collaboration with famous designers

Through collaborations with world-renowned designers, brands and influencers, our collections combine the latest trends with influences from international runways and inspirations from the digital scene. So far, Buffalo has been able to realize individual and exclusive capsule collections through collaborations with designer Marina Hoermannseder, the fashion magazine 032c, the sports brand Puma and influencers Lisa & Lena.

Buffalo x J1Mo71 by Lisa & Lena

Buffalo is collaborating with social media stars Lisa and Lena. Together with the shoe brand, the twins design their own sneaker line with the help of their community. Lisa and Lena give the Buffalos their own personal style; in total, they have co-designed three Buffalo shoe models.


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