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The name is already known to us and you hardly know anyone in the world who does not own an article of this brand. On the streets, in the train or even in schools, this brand is a huge number in the industry – Nike. What do you think of when you think of Nike? Some think of shoes, accessories, soccer & co. The Nike brand, headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, is involved in many aspects of the fashion world and is one of the market leaders.

Nike conquers the world

Nike has been the market leader in sporting goods retailing since 1989, and not without reason. With new design, many offers and a wide range of sporting goods. Nike equips athletes and lovers of the brand from head to toe with sneakers, tracksuits, sports bags and other sporting goods such as water bottles. Nike focuses on cool design and comfortable, everyday wear as well as sports-specific clothing and accessories. What does Nike offer and why is Nike so successful with it? Let’s take a closer look.

Shoes and sneakers

Nike shoes – The business around the sneaker

What makes Nike a lucrative business is well known – Nike shoes! If one is not missing in the wardrobe it is a Nike shoe. But what makes the Nike shoes so coveted by buyers? Not only do the sneakers look cool and fit every Oufit, the sportswear manufacturer also wants the foot to be comfortable to wear. So there are finite fits, design and a wide selection of models. Every age group and every taste will find a suitable sneaker. But which sneakers have become cult at Nike and what makes these sneakers so popular?

Top Sneaker at Nike – Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Force One! You could think of the Air Force in the USA when you hear its name. Wrong thought, the Nike Air Force belongs to the best sold sneakers at Nike. The shoe that was initially thought of as a basketball shoe has rapidly become popular with sneaker lovers and fashionistas. Even stars and VIPs like Michael Jordan and Nelly celebrated the Nike Air Force. The simply designed shoe with a thicker sole appeared white at first. But in the meantime, the Nike Air Force has conquered the hearts of customers so rapidly that Nike is constantly adding new variations and little extras. Not only that, but through collaborations with high fashion designers and co. the Nike puts its leader in new scene and makes certain models exclusive. Nike developed two versions of the sneaker to add a little extra. The Nike Air Force 1 High and the Nike Air Force 1 Low.

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Nike has had a great variety of sneakers for many years. The shoes shine through their incredible quality and longevity. In addition, they trump each season with innovative and varied to unconventional designs. The Top 10 Nike shoes are here for you in the video below.

Shoes women

“Stereotypes are made to be broken” – Nike releases numerous collections, among others with a focus on the modern, self-confident woman. The women’s shoes should reflect this in their designs.

Shoes men

Christiano Ronaldo has long been a face of Nike. Men’s shoes for any use, whether leisure shoes, sports shoes, or sneakers – the numerous collections of Nike can serve every category.

Sports shoes: Football boots, Basketball, Tennis & Co.

Giannis grew up in Athens. Originally it earned its money at a young age by selling goods on the street. Only when he was 12 did he discover another way to take care of his family – basketball. So he regularly went to the gym as a very thin child, determined to create a better future for his family, the Antetokounmpo’s.

Football shoes

Nike and football simply belong together. In recent years there have been countless models of different shoes for men and women. The development of Nike football shoes over the last 48 years can be found here.

Special: Air Force, Airmax and Nike Free

Of course, over the years, Nike has also had numerous collaborations with major designers and brands. This has resulted in unique collaborations with Louis Vuitton and Surpreme. We can hardly wait to see what Nike will surprise us with in the future. Now that half a year is up, we thought we’d take a look back at 2018. What were the top 10 of the Nike Air Force?

Air Max: 90, 95, Thea and Co.

The Air Max 90 is also an incredibly popular model from Nike. The different fabric structures with the familiar Air Max sole provide a unique style with wearing comfort. For a chic yet sporty look. So you can wear them on a date in the evening or on a long walk in your spare time.

The Nike Air Max Thea Black convince with the well-known Air Max design and the addition of unique elements.

Nike Free

Nike’s “best racing shoes” – the Nike Free. Shine all along the line. Breathable, fashionable and yet comfortable. A detailed review with all the advantages and disadvantages of the unique running shoes can be found here.

Nike Joyride

A completely new way to experience running shoes. Nike Joyride. The many balls under the footbed give you an unforgettably light appearance, so that you just float over the streets.

Nike convinces with collaborations

More and more you hear about exclusive and limited Nike sneakers, which you can win at so-called Raffle. Before you think about it, you can win a limited edition. To put it simply, a Raffle is not a prize draw. If you win a Raffle, you only win the right to buy the limited edition. The winners can buy one of the sneakers offered in the Raffle at a low price compared to the normal price. Meanwhile Nike collaborates with high fashion designers like Virgil Abloh (known as the brand’s designer “Off-White”). Nike also collaborates with world-famous stars and VIPs like Travis Scott and brings already well-known sneakers into the scene and sets a new trend.

Collaborations with Virgil Abloh – “Off-White”

Collaboration with Travis Scott

Sport: Tracksuit, sweater, jacket and sweatpants

Apart from shoes, Nike also has a wide range of jackets, sweaters, tracksuits and sweatpants, everything a sportsman could wish for. The designs are designed to be optimal for both women and men.

Training suit

“Only a few can thrive in the brilliance of the spotlight’s glare”


Even when autumn comes, Nike knows how to keep you warm. With the Nike Revolution Training Jacket, for example. The breathable jacket’s lightweight fabric makes it incredibly comfortable to wear, even during sports – ideal for anyone looking for a jacket for football, basketball or other running sports.


Outlets are for many young and old people a location where it says “buy a lot for little money”. Nike also has a lot of outlets. In Germany, Belgium, England, America, Netherlands, France and more. It’s definitely worth taking the time to drive a bit, because you can really get some bargains there.

Athletes and their stories

Nike cooperates with many athletes and different people to tell stories that touch people. Among others, they actively fight for women’s rights and the acceptance of different religions.