JD Sports Videos: Fashion show, commercials, sneakers & Hailey Bieber

JD Sports Videos – For every sneaker lover a term: JD Sports. You can always find the latest sneakers as well as selected sports fashion and parts of different sports brands like Adidas, Nike and Elesse. Just like Puma, Under Armour and Urban Oufitters, the sporting goods manufacturer is one of the most successful sports brands worldwide. Through their campaigns with famous athletes and collaborations with supermodels and influencers, the label has made a name for itself. The fashion brand is committed to diversity and individual development. There are also always collaborations with brands, where some parts are exclusively available only at JD Sports. In the following article, JD Sports’ creative and unique campaigns and their first small fashion show with Hailey Bieber are presented.

Sports, Lifestyle, Brands: Christmas, VIPs & Shows

The JD Sports brand is all about sports and street style. The British brand was founded in 1981 in Bury, Greater Manchester and still has its headquarters there today. Since its inception, the brand has managed to establish itself internationally with stores in Europe, Asia, the United States, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. In this video, for example, the German branch of JD Sports introduces itself.

Summer & Winter: Sports fashion for everyday life

The JD Sports brand stands for the best selection of sports fashion of well-known brands. The clothes are kept sporty, but still very fashionable and also suitable for everyday wear. The sneakers come in every imaginable style, from wild patterns to designs that glitter to simple basic shoes completely in white.

Spring/Summer Collection: Commercial & Fashion Show

In this colorful lookbook you can see how to stylishly combine the pieces of the summer spring collection. The collection has a sporty casual and summery feel. The whole thing is staged with color-matching pastel backgrounds that create a harmonious overall picture.

Fall/Winter Fashion Show: Adidas & Hailey Bieber

Model Hailey Baldwin, now Hailey Bieber, had the great opportunity to co-organize a small fashion show for the fall/winter 2017 collection JD Sports in cooperation with Adidas and be the face of the collection. The collection consists of streetwear and is a mix of modern and 90’s style. It includes many crop tops with low-cut training pants and velvet jogging suits. The eye-catchers of the collection are wide fabric chokers with the three famous Adidas stripes on many models.

Commercials: Christmas, VIPs & Brands

JD Sports’ commercials are always particularly creative and unique. Especially the Christmas commercials are a highlight every year, because they either present brand new sneakers or feature campaigns with well-known athletes and models.

Christmas with JD Sports: Glitter & Adidas

JD Sports is one of the hottest addresses for the latest trend sneakers: Here the Adidas Superstar Glitter, which were launched in 2015 and are an edition of the legendary Adidas Superstar. The Adidas Superstar is probably still one of the most successful and popular Adidas sneakers, which was intended as a sports shoe, but in the 2010s developed into a trend shoe and of which there are countless models to this day. More about Adidas here:

JD X Jesse Lingard, Anne Marie & Anthony Joshua

Sports in all its forms, whether soccer, dancing or boxing that’s what JD Sports is all about: we can all find our trendy pieces for our favorite sport here. That’s why JD Sports also uses celebrities with different sports backgrounds in their advertising campaigns, such as footballer Jesse Lingard, performer Anne Marie or boxer Anthony Joshua. The pieces in this collection are all kept in neutral tones and very functional.

Campaign with singer-songwriter Fletcher

JD Sports is best known for its creative and aesthetic commercials, in which you are drawn directly into another world through various impressions. This world is full of opportunities for individual expression. The focus is on the upcoming Nike sneaker collection, whose sneakers are kept very sporty and classic. The highlight of the campaign is the new song by Fletcher, an American singer-songwriter, which is exclusively available in the campaign and has not yet been released.

Bella Hadid for JD Sports: Paris Interview

In an exclusive interview with JD Sports, Bella Hadid talks about her love for the city of Paris, her style idols and her close connection to the Nike brand. Nike is also sold under JD Sports.

JD Sports: More things to know about the brand

John Wardle and David Makin, whose initials make up the name JD, founded the company in Bury in 1981. Just 2 years later they opened another store in Arndale Centre in Manchester. Their business immediately met with enthusiasts and made good profits. Only 8 years after opening the first store, the first London store was opened in Oxford Street in London.

If you want to know how it goes on and are interested in the best parts, you can find that here :

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Comfort is a top priority at Skechers. A specially developed footbed helps here to success. Skechers is also committed to helping needy animals and people from all over the world, which makes Skechers so likeable and creates a gr0ßen popularity of the brand. In the following article you will be introduced to the most important collections of Skechers.

Nike videos: Commercial with Lisa & Louisa

Who has not heard of this brand? Nike rules the sports stores, but convinces not only with its sportswear but also with casual everyday wear. The brand has become known through the famous Nike Air shoes. Today, the hook with the logo “Just Do It” adorns all sports bras, sweatpants, shoes or even leggings.

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