Skechers: Story, Sale & Bargains – everything about the cult shoe

Skechers – At the name Skechers it dawns in your head and you know that it is a sneaker you knew in the commercials. But the shoes then eventually disappeared from the scene and no one talked more about the shoe or about the brand that fascinates more and more women and men.

The birth of the Skechers company

But let’s start with the facts first. In 1992, Skechers was founded by Robert Greenberg and Michael Greenberg and is based in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles. The founder Robert Greenberg is the current CEO of the company. In 2018, they made a revenue of around US $4.64 billion. As of last count, the number of employees was around 9,200. The Skechers company is one of the largest producers of footwear in the world.

Skechers, the shoe that celebrates its comeback

When you think of Skechers, many have an image in mind of a sneaker that hardly anyone wants to wear. Unlike many other big shoe manufacturers like Adidas, Nike and many more, Skechers only produces shoes. Moreover, no Skechers stores exist in the world, but where has the Skechers been seen? The giant sells its shoes at other retailers like Deichmann, Görtz, Karstadt, Sportscheck, Runners Point, Roland, Galeria Kaufhof and many more stores. But why did the brand fall into oblivion?

With a new look brought back into the spotlight

New design, new model a complete upgrade. Skechers catapults itself back into people’s hearts with the Skechers D’Lites. The chunky design and dad trainer look is meeting a lot of fans. Now, the new Skechers is being sold in the modern sneaker stores like JD Sports and Side Step. The sneaker manufacturer is recovering and emerging from oblivion. Especially in Asia, the shoe becomes a cult and everyone must have it. Many influencers and fashionistas, as well as fashion-conscious people put the shoe skillfully in the scene.

Skechers wants to stay on top

And no sooner is the Skechers D’Lites out of people’s mouths and conversations, Skechers goes one better and brings out an improved version of the cult shoe. More details, small refinements that are bought by even more people and sneaker lovers.

Videos: Unboxing, recommendation and review

Pictures and videos say more than a thousand words. Here are a few videos of Youtubers unboxing, as well as recommendations and reviews from athletes who have tried the Skechers themselves.

Unboxing: Skechers D’lites

Youtubers, Instagrammers and fashion bloggers, are showing off the Skechers D’lite and making videos sharing their experiences and opinions on the shoe. Youtuber and Instagrammer Curtis Don Deano, who specializes in sneakers, also makes a video about the Skechers and tells us a bit from his perspective what he thinks of the Skechers.

Sneakers for athletes: recommendation and review

You know Skechers just by listening to them, but did you know that they have running shoes? The Youtube Channel “Running Warehouse” shows you the shoe models of Skechers and tell you their personal experiences with them.

Editorial Shooting and VIPs: Nadine Lustre x Skechers

Even famous VIP’s like the Filipino actress Nadine Lustre can be photographed with the new sneaker from Skechers. The actress, singer and director shows how gönnt the Skechers can be put in scene. With different oufits and color variations of the sneaker, she gives us a small taste for the diverse possibility to combine the shoe.

Skechers Videos: Sandals, Fur & Tire Grip

Colourful, colourful, Skechers. Since the label’s inception in 1992, Skechers has made its way to the top with colorful, bold designs and edgy shapes. Skechers is also committed to helping needy animals and people from all over the world, which is what makes Skechers so likeable and makes the brand so popular. The following article will introduce you to the most important collections of Skechers.

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