Reebok: Fashion Brand, Sports Shoes, Sportswear & Facts

Reebok – You want to know more about the sports brand that helps Olympic champions win and launched the first women’s sports shoes? Or do you want to be a model and walk the runway for the brand at Shanghai Fashion Week in running shoes? Here you get the top five facts about the fashion brand that you should definitely know. Who wears Reebok? How did Reebok become the brand it is today? And other interesting facts like the best-selling shoes in the women’s, men’s and kids’ departments.

Top 5 sports brand facts

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Revolutionary: shoes with spikes – fact 1

Reebok was the first brand to produce shoes with spikes. At the end of the 19th century, the British runner Joseph William Foster founded the family business “J. W. Foster and Sons Limited”, which mainly produced sports shoes. It quickly gained attention for being the first to use spikes in running shoes to ensure better grip on the ground. For the company, the focus was on sports. As the spikes in running shoes led to success for athletes, they were soon used to make soccer shoes as well. Also, did you know. The brand’s logo has been changed 11 times from the beginning of the company. Here you can see the logo of the label.

With running shoes at ShanghaiFW – Fact 2

Meanwhile, Reebok is internationally known and popular. In addition to sports shoes and lifestyle sneakers, the brand produces special sportswear for various sports for women, men and children. You can see the fashion of the brand for example at the Shanghai Fashion Week.

Reebok means antelope – fact 3

After Foster’s grandsons, Jeffrey and Joseph, founded the subsidiary J. W. Foster and Sons Limited Mercury Sports in 1958, the two companies merged under the name Reebok. But what is the actual meaning behind this word? It is a species of antelope, more specifically the gray reedbuck, a genus of African hornbearers.

The first women’s sports shoes manufacturer – fact 4

The first women’s sports shoes brought Reebok on the market. Nowadays, not only high heels, loafers and sandals fill women’s shoe closets. No woman does not have at least one sports shoe for running or gym and a sneaker for leisure at home in the hallway. But that wouldn’t be the case if Reebok hadn’t been the first to produce sports shoes for women. The decision to launch sports shoes for women was a huge success for the fashion brand, due to the enthusiasm for aerobics that dominated the fashion of the 80s.

Reebok Classic Club: Best Seller Lifestyle Shoe – Fact 5

This is the classic lifestyle sneaker for and best seller of the brand that everyone knows. Classic in white, but still popular. Why? He is simple, comfortable and sporty at the same time.

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  1. Revolutionary: shoes with spikes
  2. With running shoes at ShanghaiFW
  3. Reebok means antelope
  4. The first women’s sports shoes manufacturer
  5. Reebok Classic Club: Best Seller Lifestyle Shoe

Who wears Reebok?

Stars like Gigi Hadid, Cardi B and Gal Gadot wear Reebok sportswear and shoes for training or leisure and were already advertising faces for the brand. In this video you can learn more about Gal Gadot on Reebok.

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