Vetements Videos: Streetwear, Collections & Marylin Manson

Vetements Videos – With inspirations from streetwear, skater and biker culture as well as grunge, Vetements serves the scene with principles of deconstructivism and reconstructivism. Designs from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s are interpreted into the modern era and old is put together to create new. Since the brand’s debut in 2014, it has so far achieved an internationally recognized status. In this article, you’ll learn more about the brand and get insights from what’s behind Vetements.

Women & Men: Winter & Summer Fashion

The concept behind Vetements, as the name implies, is clothes – just clothes. Each season features a mix of luxury designer pieces and everyday streetwear. Fashion that consists of already existing pieces, clothes that everyone loves – denim pants, big men’s coats or classic cocktail dresses.

Fall/Winter Collection

With this collection, the designer takes a political approach. Alluding to the pandemic and its regulations, Guram Gvasalia designed a concept that shows what bad times humanity has gone through, how it tried to regain its footing and how it then managed to get better. The wide range of classic suits, trench coats and dresses are very much in line with Vetements’ origins.

Spring/Summer Collection

Playfulness with company logos and other motifs have always been an important part of Vetements’ garments. Such was the case with this collection, which took place at McDonalds in Paris on the Champs Élysées. With the interplay of exaggerated satire and closeness to reality, this season’s menu included uniforms and typical employee clothing designed into the extravagant.

Commercial: Secret Project

Typical for Vetements, the brand announces a new collection that will be released independently of conventional fashion presentations. As the title ‘Secret Project’ already suggests, it is unclear what exactly is hidden behind this collection and creates talking points in the scene.

VIP: Marylin Manson

Stars like Rihanna and Marylin Manson are also big fans of the brand and love to show their love for the designer and the clothes in interviews and videos.

Interview: The CEO on his brand

In an interview with LVMH Magazine, Gvasalia talks about his brand, his approach to fashion and inspiration from surroundings and circumstances.

Collaboration: Vetements x Reebok

That Vetements likes to use brand logos of fashion untypical companies is known across the scene. However, official collaborations of Vetements are not rare. A very popular collaboration among fashion lovers is the one with Reebok. Vetements worked with the silhouette of the Reebok InstaPump, on which Gvasalia was allowed to completely spend himself artistically.

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