Raf Simons Videos: Art, Collections & Asap Rocky

Raf Simons Videos – Pride in Individuality. Driven by rebellious youth and traditional menswear, Raf Simons launched his design career in the mid-90s. Designed for and inspired by self-confident outsiders, the Raf Simons brand presents a radically different image of masculinity, combined from youth subcultures and the sharpness and sophistication of classic business fashion. Since his beginning, music, art, images and words played a profound meaning in his fashion. At the heart of his art are attitudes, moods and signs of freedom and individuality. Take a closer look at the brand below and learn more about the designer and his art itself.

Women & Men: Summer & Winter Fashion

Every Raf Simons collection is about Raf Simons. Between all the rock star inspired collections playing in front of packed arenas, corporate CEOs on vacation influenced collections, telling their own story of the experiences of an individual’s life is a change that meets great interest in the fashion industry. Since past seasons, the pompous collections have become simpler and more transparent. Away from body-hugging pieces towards wider, looser silhouettes.

Fall/Winter Collection

With the fall/winter collection Simons focuses on things he loves, things that have always loved him, that have accompanied him throughout his career and have had an influence on all his works and clothes. Relaxed cut oversized garments, multiple layered puffer jackets and eye-catching large accessories are the main focus of this fall/winter collection. Big advantage of such extended baggy clothes is, of course, that anyone can wear them and they also look good on everyone, not only on models with perfect measurements.

Spring/Summer Collection

In recent years, gender-neutral fashion has become more and more in focus – so much so, that it has become difficult to distinguish between the sexes at all. Men in dresses and skirts have been presented so often in the fashion industry that they no longer shock you. Simons’ spring/summer collection also ties in with this aspect and tries to expand the boundaries here as well. With the new, pure, timeless cuts and silhouettes of the collection, the clothes look like uniforms for men and couture for women.

VIPs: Asap Rocky at Raf Simons

Raf Simons and his art is also very popular among stars and celebrities. So at his fashion shows you often see familiar faces like actor Neil Patrick Harris, model Luka Sabbath and rappers like ASAP Rocky and Playboi Carti. Stars love Raf Simons’ works and often count him among the greats of the fashion scene.

Asap Rocky music video

A rap collaboration in a class of its own – ASAP Rocky, Lil Uzi Vert, Quavo from the Migos and Frank Ocean in fashion pieces completely by Raf Simons present their love for the brand in the eponymous song “RAF”. The song was released in 2017, at the time when Raf Simons was also enjoying great success in the mainstream fashion scene.

Interview: About art and emotions

Fashion wants to be new, always! – In an interview with Joyce magazine, Raf Simons talks about his approach to fashion and his beginnings in the 90s. Also how his intellect has developed in the past time and how he combines it with emotions to create unique fashion. “Extravagance as I create it is not for everyone”.

Collaboration: Adidas and Eastpak

Collaborations are very important to Raf Simons. He says you should always gather a team of creative minds and keep in touch with them to find new ideas and inspiration and to keep pushing fashion forward.

Adidas x Raf Simons

Raf Simons’ longtime love for Adidas finally came to fruition in 2013 when he released his first collection for Adidas called ‘Adidas by Raf Simons’. The collaboration, initially only possible on a Stan Smith shoe, evolved over the years until he was finally able to design his own Adidas shoe – the Adidas Ozweego. The shoe that popularized the brand, because of its comparably affordable price range.

Eastpak x Raf Simons

Also a long-time partner and collaborator Raf Simons’ is the well-known US brand Eastpak. For 9 years the brands collaborate and innovate backpacks and tote bags again and again. Here fashion and usability are in perfect harmony.

Raf Simons: the story and inspiration

You want to learn more about the brand and also get insights and details behind the brand and the processes of the garments? Then read our detailed article about the brand and the designer Raf Simons.

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