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JD Sports – Everyone loves them, everyone wants them and everyone buys them every day – sneakers. They come in a thousand variations, in all colors and sizes. From the luxury sneaker to the normal priced sneaker. There is a sneaker for everyone in the assortment. But where do I get the sneakers from and where do I find a wide range of sneakers? There are many companies that specialize in the field, as it is a growing market. One company we will have a look at. It is a young company that has quickly made a name for itself. The name is very well known – JD Sports. You can find the best JD Sports videos here: JD Sports Videos.

Foundation of the Sneakers Empire

John Wardle and David Makin, whose initials make up the name JD, founded the company in Bury in 1981. Just 2 years later they opened another shop in Arndale Centre in Manchester. Their business immediately met with enthusiasts and made good profits. Just 8 years after opening the first store, the first London store was opened on Oxford Street in London. Soon after in December 2001, the company acquired 200 more stores with the acquisition of First Sport, expanding their rapidly growing business. In fact, the JD company is now so big that they are the official supplier and sponsor of numerous football teams, players and associations.

JD – sneakers, brands, accessories and much more

JD one of the leading market leaders, offers something for every age group. Major brands like Guess, Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger and Emporio Armani are available in the company. But what sets JD apart from the other companies in the industry? It’s the variety of products JD offers and the unbeatable prices that beat out the competition. Not only that, they have Exclusive shoes that are only available at JD – The ”Only At JD” sneakers. They are also a front runner in textiles as they not only represent the well known brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma but also bring new brands to the customers that are hardly known. Accessories like backpacks, fanny packs, sports bags as well as water bottles and footballs . A list of the brands that JD offers can be found here.


Top sneakers at JD: The company’s bestsellers

Like any other company, JD Sports also has products that sell better than others. But we’ll go over the company’s top sneakers listed here and explain why they’re so popular.

Sneakers for him

Let’s start with the men of nature. Their top 3 sneakers and why they love these sneakers so much and why everyone should have him in their closet. Den men are sometimes much pickier about their sneakers.

The best selling shoe at JD: Vans Old Skool

Old Skool? Yes, read correctly the shoe is called Old Skool and not Old School. But that the words mean the same, is probably pretty clear. Black and white, in checkerboard pattern or in bright colors the sneaker from the skateboard scene is the must have and that for a very long time. 2 years ago he celebrated his comeback and hit like a grenade – the Vans Old Skool. The Old Skool is a unisex sneaker, but it is the most sold sneaker for men in the JD. Why is that? The simple design and the plain colors appeal to the men. Not only that the shoe fits any foot and makes the feet look narrower. It looks chic and sporty and is also very light. But the brand Vans put one more on it, the shoe is priced compared to other brands of shoes a bargain.


The crown prince among sneakers: Nike Air Force 1

You simply don’t know anyone without this sneaker anymore. Actually as a basketball shoe on the market and worn by great legends like Michael Jordan and US rapper Nelly, the white sneaker became a mega success. The shoe could not only win the hearts of men but also the ladies. It is among the second best selling shoe in the JD Sports company. The shoe with the slightly higher sole than one usually knows is a very changeable sneaker. It has a simple design and is also very comfortable. JD Sports also offers some of their own designs of the AF1 (abbreviated). If you do not have the AF1 until now and you now think I need this shoe, then hurry up the sneaker is quickly sold out at JD.


New, Extraordinary and Cool: The Nike Air Max 270

VIP’s are hyping this sneaker and really promoting it. A week after its release, it was sold out in stores and online and not available anywhere. The Nike Air Max 270 impressed JD Sports customers with its sporty look and slim fit. Also the typical Nike Air sole remains with the 270 and gives the new sneaker a very cool look. Initially only available in black and white, we can enjoy a wide range of colors and color constellations. The color black is preferred by JD customers, the men, for the Air Max 270.


Sneakers for you

Women also like not only high heels, pumps or ballerinas. The sneaker is also much more comfortable for women to wear and much more advantageous for everyday life. Let’s take a look at which shoes are preferred by the ladies of the JD Sports clientele.

Ladies love the dad look: Nike M2K

The ladies love this shoe and want to wear it all. Contrary to what you might think, this sneaker does not make your foot look slim, on the contrary, it makes your foot look bigger because the design of the shoe is oversized. Why is this shoe so popular? First of all, the shoe reminds us of the shoes our fathers used to wear. The dad look is back in. That’s why JD is betting on the shoes, with complete success. Not only does it have that retro look, it’s also easy to put on, very comfortable and lighter than it looks. The color combination of white and gray, is a hit with the ladies. Why nobody is afraid of his white shoes? Easy – the shoes are made of leather, so they are much easier to clean and dirt resistant. Small details refine the M2K’s design and give it a somewhat abstract look. JD’s top seller among women.


Back from the Past: Nike Air Max 97

First released in 1997, the sneaker is making a huge comeback and is sweeping sneaker lovers off their feet. The improved edition of the then released shoe is filling the stores with customers. The unisex sneaker with different colors is worn by every generation and reminds of the late 90s. The special thing about this shoe is that it looks big but makes a narrow impression on the foot. This color model is the favorite of women and suits every lady who likes it more sporty or who knows how to combine well. And like every Nike Air, it comes with the typical Air sole. A good hold and comfortable suspension speak here for the success of the reborn sneaker.


Bit higher with the sole : Nike Air Force Sage

You’re probably wondering, didn’t we have this shoe before and why is it called Sage? The Nike Air Force Sage is very similar to the Nike Air Force but with tiny differences. Unlike the Nike Air Force, the Nike Air Force Sage is only available in women’s sizes. The toe of the Sage is also different here, much more feminine and rounded. And the highlight of the Nike Air Force Sage is the platform sole, which gives you a few extra inches. That is the secret of the Sage, the platform. Platform shoes are in and every woman owns a pair of shoes with platform at home. To give it a feminine touch Nike uses velour as upper material in some Sage models. But don’t worry, the Sage is also available in many different variations and color constellations. Female customers of JD Sports are a huge fan of him and that’s why he is one of the top sneakers at JD.


JD Sports : Sportswear, Accessories & Co.

Sportswear: JD Sports dresses you from top to bottom

The British empire supplies its customers not only with sneakers & Co. but tries to have something ready for every age group and every target group. So many stores sell next to their sneakers also textiles. JD offers everything from Adidas, Nike, Puma, Criminal Damage, Venum, Farah to Guess, Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger and Fred Perry. To suit everyone there is a wide range of brands and styles. If you like it chic, there is a lot for you there and if you like it sporty, JD Sports can make you happy too. In the process, JD also lures its clientele with unbeatable promotions and offers. You can dress yourself from top to bottom and find something for every season, be it a winter or rain jacket or swimming shorts for the next summer holiday. What is especially in demand are sports suits and JD Sport offers plenty of them in different brands.


Accessories & Co : Fanny packs, backpacks and much more

Tired of carrying your wallet, cell phone, etc. in your hand or pants pockets because it’s too heavy, too thick, or just plain annoying? Of course, there’s a solution to this that you’ve all seen before. Quickly slung around your hips or around your shoulder, belly and fanny packs are the new trend and the perfect solution. Depending on what you want to stow away, there are bags available in all sorts of sizes. Also for the people who are on daring, will find here. The designers of the bags create models that are chrome or transparent. The wishes will be satisfied here. But not only for a bag on the road but also normal backpacks are available at JD Sports. For the new school start or simply when you drive a little further and need storage space for food, drink and other things.



JD Sports offers accessories for women, men and children

Snapbacks, baseball caps and beanies are a must-have, because you see not only one but several people wearing them every day. Not only that they protect your head from the sun or warm your head in winter, they are also very stylish and popular. From plain black to bright neon colors, JD Sport offers everything and shies away from bold products. Caps and hats are something that no one should be without in their possession.


A special from JD Sports

It’s always a struggle and a challenge to get new sneakers or clothes for the baby or toddlers. You rattle off shop after shop and can’t find the right clothes that are also modern and up to date. Wouldn’t you know it ? JD Sports is one of the few companies that offers baby and toddler fashion. The same brands and the same sneakers for the little ones among us. Many people do not know that the big brands also design and manufacture children’s clothing. Who would like to dress his child stylish, should take a look at JD.


JD Sports Online Shop

You don’t have a JD Sports store near you or you are abroad for a longer period of time where there is no JD store? You prefer to shop comfortably from home and have your peace? Then just have a look at their online shop.

Or you can use their free app, available on Google Play and Apple Appstore.

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The JD Sports brand stands for the best selection of sports fashion from well-known brands. The clothing is sporty, but still very fashionable and also suitable for everyday wear. The sneakers come in every imaginable style, from wild patterns and glittery designs to simple, basic shoes completely in white.

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