Stone Island: Brand, History & Sweaters

Stone Island – We all love Italian sportswear in all its facets. On the one hand, it’s the designs, the looks and the casualness that are exerted on the viewer. And on the other hand, it’s the inventions and advancements. If you talk about innovative sportswear, then you certainly can’t get past Stone Island. This brand, like Hugo Boss, Armani and Strellson, is probably one of the most famous brands in the world.

The company history

The company was founded in 1982 in Ravarino, in the Italian province of Modena, by the brilliant Massimo Osti, art director and intellectual from Bologna. Just one year later Carlo Rivetti joined the company and in 1983, with the GFT, he acquired 50% of Osti’s company and in 1993, together with his sister Cristina, he took over the entire company to continue the steady work that had become the label’s trademark. It was in 1983 when he met Massimo Osti, who almost by chance had founded Stone Island a year earlier.

So a very special fabric came into the company, a fabric with different colors on each side that was originally used for the production of car tarpaulins. The effect was extremely interesting but had nothing to do with the style of the company’s collection. Massimo decided to do something special and designed a collection of only seven jackets. The famous badge, which was inspired by military ranks, gave a whole new meaning to military style.

The wind rose on the logo symbolizes the love for the sea and constant research. The success confirms that Stone Island is not only interesting and sellable, but also true to the clothing.

In the mid-1990s, Massimo left and a replacement had to be found for Stone Island’s design department. At a trade fair in Munich, the company then became aware of the designer Paul Harvey, an Englishman who lived in Italy. He took over the design of Stone Island from then on and continued to lead the label to its success.

Philosophy of the label

Stone Island’s motto is “exploration, experimentation and functionality”. The brand stands for the research of fibers and fabrics as well as for innovative designs. They quickly attain cult status and are especially to this day totally hip among young people. A great strength of Stone Island lies in its unique ability to work the finished garment. Over the years, more than 60,000 different color formulations have been developed.

Lab and Life – Two Souls from Stone Island

Lab stands for the continuous research, thorough and without limitation. Modifications and refinement of fibers and fabrics, resulting in materials that have never been used before in the clothing industry. This has also given rise to numerous projects, such as jackets made of monofilament nylon, felt made of Kevlar and polyester.

Life stands for the experienced, the identity, the status of the one who wears Stone Island. In addition, also for the strong aesthetic with high recognition value, which results from the study of uniforms and work clothes.

The fashion company that is known for its unusual logo. The legendary wind rose in the logo stands for a rich and multi-layered corporate and cultural history. Now new! A book entitled Stone Island: Storia. It tells the story of the flagship of Italian sportswear through new images recovered from archives of the brand. The secret of its success lies in the research of new materials and fabrics and the evolution of garment dyeing, why Stone Island clothing has such a great fascination for customers.

Collection: The designs

Stone Island – simple and sporty for years away. A brand that always remains true to itself. You want to become a model? Start early and become a model at 15 or 16! Let yourself be inspired by the new Stone Island collection.

Sweater – Ice

A color that has come fresh on the market in 2018. Any garments in this color rapidly became a bestseller. The products were sold out in a short time worldwide, so that you could only get them through second hand.

Cotton Pile Sweatshirt Jacket

A hooded sweatshirt with a full-length zipper made of a heavy cotton fleece.hood with a small visor and snap closure. On the back of the hood two crossed straps. On the chest are sewn two folding pockets of cotton gabardine with flap and press stud. Zippered welt pockets and ribbed cuffs.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants made of a lightweight and durable and abrasion resistant material consisting of mechanically spun nylon fibers. The pants have a “loose fit” and a lining of cotton jersey. An absolute best seller pants at Stone Island and which should not be missing in any young, style-conscious closet.

Q&A Stone Island

What kind of brand is Stone Island?

Stone Island is an upscale Italian men’s brand with its own retail stores.

Who owns Stone Island?

In 1982 designer Massimo Osti founded the C.P. Company, part of which was Stone Island. A year later he met Carlo Rivetti. The family business took over 50 percent in the same year and later even the entire company.

Where does Stone Island produce?

The beginning of production takes place at the Arizona facility, then it moves on to Ravarino, Italy, where the garments are finished.

Is Stone Island only for men?

Stone Island was founded exclusively as a men’s label. Presumably there will be no women’s collection, even if the label is popular with women.

Who is buying Stone Island?

For a whole 1.15 billion euros Moncler, known for very high-priced down jackets, takes over the fashion brand Stone Island.

What’s so special about Stone Island?

The special thing about the brand is the simple and sporty design. Men in Stone Island clothes look like cool “snowboarders” or like men who go surfing in the summer.

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