Becoming a model – modeling between school, studies, friends and family

Modeling between school, college, friends and family – If you’re a regular reader of our modeling blog, you may be just starting out and thinking about becoming a model. As a model, you’re always caught between your modeling career and your school or studies. Many also ask themselves the question, “will I model forever”? Let’s imagine how your next few years will go if the modeling job works out for you. You will travel and be on the road a lot throughout the year. You will see your friends and family less. You’ll meet a lot of new people. You will see less of your home. But you will get to know new countries and cultures while modeling abroad.

Most importantly, you can’t just focus on yourself: Friends, family and your social environment are important. If you really want to be a model, you should first finish school in peace and quiet and prepare well during the time, do test shoots, first jobs and write good grades.

After school: study or international career?

Here the ways for models in the national and international market separate. If you want to work as a model mainly in the national market, it makes sense to do something for yourself parallel to modeling. Many start their studies and do their bachelor’s or master’s degree at the same time. This way you are also covered for the case, for the future in any case and also always for the case that something goes wrong in your modeling career, for example due to an accident. As sad as it is.

As a model in the national market, you can always do something for your academic education at the same time. Since you have the chance, you should focus on both goals so that you don’t get lost in a dream alone at some point. There are various situations in which models drop out or drop out. Often nobody knows what the years will bring. Some change their career because they want “more” than just being a “mannequin”. Many models later try their hand at acting or switch to the media industry. In order for the change to work well for you, you should not disregard the academic and professional education on your way.

Combining an international career and studies

If you want to go the international way as a model, you should consider together with your agency and your parents whether it is worth it to focus only on your career for a few years. Because if you make it in the international business, the doors are already open to you at a young age. The fees are much higher, because media are later spread internationally, not only nationally. But for that you need absolute attention and flexible time management. The best way to do that is to take a year or two and focus completely on your international modeling career. The beauty of modeling. If you want it, you can quit at any time. If you make it, you’re living the dream of many.

The most important thing for me as a model agent is: Always talk to your family, friends and be diligent in school. After that you can decide for yourself.

Family & friends should be included in your decision

For new, young models, it is especially important to talk to their family. Even before you start your dream of modeling and apply to model agencies, you should talk freely with your parents or guardians. As a model, you will quickly have a lot of responsibility with photo shoots, big productions and campaigns. Mutual trust is an absolute requirement for models. Your parents or guardians want to protect you and have valuable life experience that you have yet to gain.

As models, it is always important for you to get support from your social environment. From your family and from your friends. Both are important pillars that help you, whether you are successful or not, always find a home. People on whom you can rely one hundred percent. If you talk early enough about your wishes and goals, you will always find a way to combine good grades and modeling, even during school. I have accompanied many models who have already started their first tests and jobs two or three years before graduation. By the time they finish school, these models are already very professional and experienced. So if you as a model talk early enough with your social environment, they can adjust to it and find the best way together with you.

Students should also make sure that they write good grades even before their career starts.

Especially in good agencies, care is taken to ensure that school performance does not suffer as a result of the new job. School always comes first! It is extremely important for every model agent to pay attention to the well-being of young models. Getting good grades in school and performing well is your first goal as a model. Another tip: Good grades also make it easier to get exemptions from school.

Find your perfect model agency – Summary

Recognize reputable modeling agencies:

  • Reputable customers (for example, well-known brands through advertising)
  • Serious models (appearance, measurements)
  • Fixed admission criteria
  • Serious website
  • Transparency regarding the agency team (for example through website)

Agency is not reputable if:

  • No/ non-transparent website (no mention of agency headquarters or agency team)
  • Simple agency admission without prerequisites and interview
  • No cooperation with serious customers
  • Admission fees are required

You can find out more about modeling applications in this article.

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