Antonio in Milan: first castings, experiences & jobs – International Model

Antonio – First time in Milan. Our New Face and rising Star Boy Antonio is in Milan for the first time as a model. He goes on castings, introduces himself to international clients and makes first contacts for his aspiring career as a model. What he has to tell about Milan, his goals and experiences, you can read here.

Interview: Castings in Milan

Question: You are currently in Milan as a New Face model, how were your first casting experiences?

Antonio: My first casting experiences were very exciting and I quickly realized how important it is to get out of your comfort zone over and over again. Nevertheless, every casting makes me stronger and I feel more and more comfortable, which helps me to bring out my best, because the time is very short to convince the customer of himself.

Question: What do you find most exciting about modeling in Milan?

Antonio: What I find most exciting is the many impressions that you can still gather in such a short time. You get a little insight into their work and you feel very close to fashion there. I also like what you get to see on the way there and am already a real Milan fan.

Work & live internationally as a model

Question: Can you imagine living and modeling abroad permanently?

Antonio: I can definitely imagine continuing to work internationally, but it is also very important to me that I come back to Germany regularly, because I am a family person and like to have my friends around me.

Question: What are your next steps as an aspiring international model?

Antonio: My next steps as an international model look like this:
First of all I want to make a name for myself here in Milan and gain as much experience as possible, and then I’ll move on to other fashion capitals like London and Paris. The goal of every model is of course to get as many jobs as possible.

Last shoot before Milan: photos