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Kauffrau / Kaufmann Büromanagement (Köln) mit Schwerpunkt Marketing (m/w/d) – Office, management, organization, models, customers and marketing, all this you learn in a vocational training at CM. As an official IHK training company, we have already accompanied many trainees into their professional lives. Start your apprenticeship and get to know the world of media, fashion and models in a young, dynamic team – with the chance of being taken on afterwards. Sounds interesting? Read more about the apprenticeship here.

Vocational training: What does that mean?

Before we get to the application form, first a look at the job tasks. The tasks in a model agency consist of 3 parts.

Basics: Management assistant in office management

Part 1: Management – Learn everything important from the beginning. Before you get to know marketing, human resources, financial accounting, customer management, it’s all about the basics. Step by step you learn, get new tasks and can grow beyond yourself.

IHK training company

As an official IHK training company, we have already accompanied many trainees into their professional lives. Start your training at CM!

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Office management: customers, models and communication

Part 2: Office management – The normal office management, from the first offer to a possible payment reminder, accounting and personnel management. You’re already familiar with this, thanks to the basics you’ve learned. You apply your knowledge more and more often in practice and solve real tasks with our team. Knowledge makes you smart. Practice makes you fast.

Model agency and marketing: photographers, castings and travels

Part 3: Model Agency and Marketing – If you will, this special knowledge is your extra know how that no one can ever take away from you.

For example, the cooperation with photographers, for the construction of the portfolios. Likewise, the communication with models and customers, from casting to jobs, to the entire billing. Of course, travel management, sometimes events and of course constantly marketing, especially in our agency.

Among other things, you will learn a lot about content marketing, which in turn will ensure a high ranking in search engines. If you are thinking about a long-term career, international would also be an area that will be part of your tasks. “International” means communication with other agencies, but also partial contact with our online magazine.

In addition, after some time you would also help with our social media presence, from Instagram to TikTok. In addition, there are sometimes stays abroad, such as London, Paris, Milan.

It is not a classic office job, but International Model Management.

Welcome to CM!

Your tasks at CM Models

Your tasks in the model agency summarized:

  • Basics office management
  • Basics model agency and model management
  • Basics marketing and outreach
  • Commercial processes, quotation preparation to accounting
  • Cooperation with photographers and magazines (editorial)
  • Model selection, scouting and casting
  • Agency visits from models and clients
  • Customer management and communication
  • Jobs and travel management
  • International model management (New York, London, Paris, Milan ,…)

Application – Contact

Please send us only a cover letter + resume as PDF. We do not need any certificates or degrees.

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    What else we teach you!

    Of course, no matter how good your business education was, you can’t know all the aspects that will be important in a modeling agency. You have already learned above which tasks belong to it.

    That’s why we’re still teaching you here, of course! This includes, for example, working in Photoshop, that is, with image editing software, as well as working in video editing programs, for example, for YouTube and social media marketing.

    We don’t want you to be a specialist, we want you to be a generalist!

    So you will be the competent contact person for all questions for our customers, but also for our models and our team.

    • Marketing & Brand Building
    • Photoshop, image editing for web
    • Video editing after shoots
    • International customers, partners and communication

    Fashion is a big component, but so are all other areas of advertising.

    In an international model agency you learn so much more than the pure administration of jobs. Here it’s about much more: international clients, models, but also partners with whom you are in daily communication. Your projects will become more challenging every year and after about 3 or 4 years you will have understood the flow of a model agency.

    Why three or four years? Until you can discover a model, that is, know what is important, have built this model, school is over, the first time Paris, Milan, New York, all this takes time and costs time. Accordingly, you understand the “flow” only after a few years, when you have made all the experiences yourself.

    Sounds exciting? Send us your application!

    Model agency as a career changer: internships

    If you don’t have a solid management background, through vocational training or studies at college and/or university, you can still make it to International Model Manager!

    Take a look at our Model Manager Internship, where they teach you the most important basics in 6 months. So if you have already gained practical experience in an office, you can enter via the six-month internship and if your performance is right, a subsequent full-time employment is possible!

    Read more about our career entry here: