Model Agency Training – Your Job in Vocational Training

You want to do an apprenticeship in a model agency? Then you have certainly made a very smart decision! Because there are only a few specialists who are interested in working in a model agency. After all, the training is much more intensive and extensive than you might think. Because model agency does not mean photo shootings, but office work! Travel management, customer administration, marketing, public relations, at some point at the end there will be a photo shoot. If you are interested in a model agency training, then we have here once the most important information for you!

Model agent is not an apprenticeship

The direct term model agent, does not exist as training, if you want to do a model agency training, then you do classical training as a businessman or businesswoman for office management or dialogue marketing. During your training you will then specialize in the topics of a model agency. As mentioned above, this includes customer administration, travel management and also, for example, the calculation of usage rights for different media, countries and time periods. Of course, your instructors will teach you everything step by step, so that you become more and more a professional and eventually a real expert in the fashion industry. You have to be communicative, because you are constantly in conversation with customers, with your team or even with your models and of course influencers. Being a model agent means a lot of diligence, punctuality and always being a bit of a role model, because many of your models or influencers are younger than you, even if you are only 19 years old. This in turn gives you one of the few professions in this world in which you can develop very far very early on. In our vocational training, you already have in the first year contact points with international jobs, campaigns, photo shootings, buy-outs, designers, for you sometime an easy game. Of course, only with a basic training, technically well-founded and from real experts.

How long does vocational training take in a model agency?

Like any vocational training, this commercial training is also set at 3 years. Within the three years, you will have a permanent practical orientation in the agency and every week you will also have theory in the vocational school. This combination enables direct access to practical know-how instead of theoretical knowledge as in the university. This makes training in a model agency very attractive for many. After the three years you have your degree and are a state-certified businessman or state-certified businesswoman. In addition within your special field, e.g. office management or dialogue marketing. The vocational training then takes place in our headquarters, which you will find in Cologne. With occasional visits to Berlin, you will gradually expand your knowledge. After the first year of the apprenticeship there are further aspects, e.g. tax issues but also project management for larger campaigns, also more and more for influencer campaigns. Here, too, the combination of practical and theoretical knowledge is worth its weight in gold. The planning of such large projects and campaigns requires sound knowledge, from project management to accounting. Because only when projects end with a positive conclusion are customers satisfied and, of course, so are we as superiors. With this expertise, you can then switch directly to a very good full-time position after three years of vocational training.

How many model agencies offer training?

In fact, there are not many model agencies in Germany that offer a model agency training. In order to be a vocational trainer, you need special prior knowledge, so I have to register with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and take exams to be a trainer. You will probably only find sound training at every tenth to twelfth model agency. If you can’t find any information about current vacancies on the website, it’s best to send an e-mail to the agency or just give us a call.

How do I write an application?

The most important thing for your application, for vocational training, is a short cover letter, maximum half a page and a short curriculum vitae, maximum one page. If you are applying for vocational training, it is of course clear that you are still relatively young and therefore cannot have much previous experience. That’s absolutely okay too! So just write down your most important knowledge, maybe one or two internships you have already done or side jobs and a short cover letter with motivation for your model agency training! You can find a free template for your application here.