The Model Book: Guide for all models

The Model Book – Getting into modeling can be both fascinating and challenging, especially for aspiring models. We take a look at “The Model Book” by Stephan, the owner of CM Models. The book is a loyal companion for aspiring and experienced models alike.

Exclusive insights from a modeling agency

The Model Book has been selling in German for five years, and now it’s finally available in English! The book not only offers insights into Stephan’s personal experiences as a model booker and agency owner, but is also a comprehensive guide for aspiring models.

The Model Book also available as a podcast: Everywhere there are podcasts!

Tips for castings, Polaroids & walks

With around 200 pages, the book offers detailed information on all aspects of modeling. From the first castings to the application, Polaroids, walk videos to audition videos and the work of your agency. It deals with questions about the first year as a model, getting started in e-commerce and social media shoots, and gives valuable tips on how to establish yourself in the industry.

Experiences from fashion shows & Paris and Milan

With eight years of experience in the fashion industry, Stephan brings valuable insights to his book. From attending prestigious fashion shows to traveling to Milan, Paris and other fashion capitals, all of these experiences are anchored in the Model Book. It serves as a treasure trove for aspiring models who can benefit from Stephan’s expertise.

Guide, inspiration, instruction: The Model Book

The Model Book is a comprehensive tool for aspiring models, offering technical advice and personal insights. It covers the importance of everything from castings to international jobs and serves as an inspirational guide to success in the fashion world. The book combines technical knowledge with practical experience and is indispensable for serious modeling careers.

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