Become a model: Simple steps to a modeling career explained

Becoming a model – How do I become a model? Whether it’s castings, scouting or model applications, there are many ways to get started as a model! Regardless of locations such as the USA, Europe or Asia, the basic principles are similar. We give you an overview of the key steps and tips to gain a foothold in the modeling industry.

Application to agencies

Regardless of external characteristics such as size or appearance, there are various markets for aspiring models. From commercial commercials to high fashion, the range is broad. Agencies often look for diversity, be it in skin color, body size or shape. The key is to apply to different agencies as each has their own preferences.

Tip! Becoming a model is quick and easy – CM Models owner Stephan explains

Application process: auditions, introduction & walk

The application process is usually straightforward and requires some basic information and photos. It is important to emphasize that reputable agencies never ask for money from the models. The application is often followed by castings, either in person or virtually. These often include simple introduction videos and short walks in front of the camera to capture the model’s natural beauty and charisma.

First year as a model: Portfolio & Jobs

The path to a successful modeling career requires patience. The first year often serves to build up a meaningful portfolio through smaller jobs. Professionalism in terms of punctuality and reliability is crucial to gaining the trust of agencies. Over time, larger campaigns and international opportunities may arise.

Working abroad and long-term success

After the first year, opportunities may open up for models to work abroad in prestigious cities such as Milan or Paris. This international experience can take your career to the next level. Long-term success is based on the ability to constantly improve, perform professionally and take advantage of the diversity of the modeling markets.

Dream career as a model: Apply now!

Overall, the path to modeling requires a combination of self-confidence, flexibility and tenacity. By sticking to basic principles and being willing to explore different markets and agencies, aspiring models can improve their chances of a successful career. Have we awakened your dream of an international career as a model? Apply now!