Model Scouting Revealed: The 4 secrets of modeling agencies

Model scouting – A lot of time and energy goes into scouting at a model agency every day. Have you wondered where and how we scout our models? Here are 4 facts about model scouting for our clients. You too can become a model from home! Send in two simple portrait pictures with your cell phone via our application form.

Castings, Instagram & street scouting

Our dedication to model scouting goes far beyond simply reviewing applications and organizing castings. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to discover up-and-coming talent. These are our most proven scouting methods:

  1. Every morning we sift through up to 100 model applications, which means over 300 photos, names, people and measurements
  2. Every year, we hold various castings in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Munich and even London. This allows us to reach some people who would never have applied online
  3. We also keep our eyes open on Instagram and TikTok
  4. On some days, we are even out and about in the city center, always accompanied by lots of cappuccino and plenty of time

Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are not just trends for us, but also treasure chests full of potential. We also roam the bustling streets of city centers, always on the lookout for unique faces that can enrich our agency. At every step in this exciting process, we strive to not only meet aesthetic criteria, but also to capture the unique personality and charisma of each potential model. In this way, we guarantee that every discovery is an asset to the diverse world of fashion.

Modelcasting tour in Germany

Every year, we organize several castings in German cities. We also travel to London, Paris and Milan once a year and cast there. You can get behind-the-scenes insights into our castings on our YouTube channel.