Your model book

The Model Book is a collection put together by the model of their photos and publications. It presents the model in different settings and styling and is thus important for the first impression of the customer.

The Model Book should include the best pictures of the model. The Model Book should be updated regularly, so that the customer gets an impression of the current appearance of the model. At certain castings the book can be modified in that it is tailored to the customer and the job. In a commercial casting, it is advantageous, not primarily to present high-fashion images in the Modelbook. The Model Book is generally put together by a Booker from the modeling agency in collaboration with the Model.

Online sedcard for models

In addition to the classic Model Book there are also Webbooks. In Webbook images from the classic Modelbook are stored on the server of the modeling agency. Thus, the model can also apply via e-mail over the Internet.

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