The perfect model polaroids for your agency application!

Polaroids (photos) – When applying to a modeling agency, the photos are a crucial point. However, you can only get real model Polaroids to introduce yourself to clients once you have been accepted by the agency. Find out here how you can still take Polaroids for your application and what you need to bear in mind.

What are Polaroids?

Polaroids are based on the “instant photos” from a Polaroids camera (analog). The advantage: there is no Photoshop. That’s why clean, natural photos are still called Polaroids today. The big advantage: clients and model agencies can assess you as a model directly and immediately duringcasting or when making proposals based on sedcards and Polaroids. No make-up, no styling, just you, completely natural in a photo. The photos are also stored in your model book at the agency. Here is all your photo material from photo shoots with photographers, your Polaroids and videos, for example from jobs or short introduction videos. With every new request, your model agency will immediately have everything you need.

How do I take Polaroid photos?

You don’t just need Polaroids as a model for castings and jobs, but also for your first model application.

This is what a good, simple Polaroid looks like

This is what a good, simple Polaroid looks like! More examples are coming soon.

Perfekte Model Polaroids - Model werden!

Location, outfit and formats

Imagine a white wall, as clean as possible. Natural daylight is also important. Try to have little to no shade. This works particularly well when it’s a little cloudy. You should wear black trousers and a tight white top so that your figure is clearly visible. You should also wear high heels and no make-up.

Tip! You don’t need a professional shoot. Photos taken with a smartphone are absolutely fine!

Poses / photos – How to make your perfect model polaroids

The agency needs the following pictures from you:

  • A full-body image from the front (photographed from the front)
  • A full body image from the side
  • A full body picture from behind (because of the hair length)
  • A photo of your face (frontal)
  • A photo of your profile

Help with Polaroids?

Just grab a friend, your mom, dad, sister, brother or boyfriend to take photos with and you’re ready to go!

Polaroids – example photos for models

This is what good Polaroids look like, by Lea Black.

Perfekte Model Polaroids - Model werden! Perfekte Model Polaroids - Model werden! Perfekte Model Polaroids - Model werden! Perfekte Model Polaroids - Model werden!

Your photos were convincing and you’ve been invited to get to know us? Great! If you would now like to find out more about the preparation, the interview process and being accepted by your dream agency, you can find everything you need to know about the upcoming interview here.

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