Model casting: tips, procedure, live and e-castings – what you need to know

You have a casting, either at a modeling agency or for a job, then you should prepare yourself well. What should you bear in mind? These experiences will help you! Learn everything you need to know about live castings, with an insight into New York Fashion Week. Plus e-castings, which are essential for getting jobs. As a little bonus, tips for your first model agency casting if you are still on your way to becoming a model! Have fun learning, your CM Models Team. PS: We want you! Click here to go directly to our model application!

Live casting: 7 quick tips

At live castings, you meet agencies and clients in person.

A live casting is an exciting opportunity where you get to meet the agencies and clients in person. To shine in a live casting, some basic preparations are crucial. Let’s start with your appearance. Wear simple clothes that fit snugly and show off your figure. Subtle make-up will give you a natural look, while a well-groomed appearance, including clean hair, nails and skin, is essential.

Preparation: model portfolio, practice, self-confidence

A professional model portfolio with various photos is a must (tablet or smartphone). This should reflect your versatility and skills. Practice different poses and walking beforehand to exude confidence. Punctuality is also crucial as it shows that you are reliable. If you follow these seven tips, you will make a good impression at your live casting and increase your chances of a successful modeling career.

Your preparation and appearance are crucial. With these tips, you’ll be well prepared.

By the way, the bigger the city, the bigger the castings. In major cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, Milan, London or New York, there can easily be 50 or more models.

Quick tips for your live casting

Simple appearance, self-confidence and good preparation:

  1. Simple clothing: Choose simple, close-fitting clothing
  2. Subtle make-up: use little make-up for a natural look
  3. Well-groomed appearance: make sure your hair, nails and skin are clean
  4. Model portfolio: Prepare a professional portfolio with photos
  5. Posing and running exercises: Practice versatile poses and running in advance
  6. Self-confidence: Present yourself confidently and openly
  7. Punctuality: Be at the casting location on time

Casting Inside @ John Elliot New York

This is what a really big model casting in New York looks like. John Elliot is casting here for New York Fashion Week.

E-casting: 8 quick tips for your video

In e-castings, you record an introduction video that your model agency sends to clients. You record such e-castings again and again for castings.

In today’s digital world, e-castings for models are becoming increasingly common. In an e-casting, you record an audition video that your modeling agency sends to potential clients. There are a few important things to consider in order to shine at e-castings. First of all, choose a suitable background for your video. It should look neat and professional. Make sure you have good lighting that falls evenly on you. A tripod or a stable base for your camera is essential to avoid camera shake.

Wear matching outfits that meet the requirements and follow the casting instructions exactly. Take different shots from different angles to show your versatility. Make sure you set up the camera correctly and check the required file formats and sizes. Also remember whether the video should be recorded in landscape or portrait format. If you take these eight tips to heart, you will appear professional at e-castings and increase your chances of winning jobs.

Quick tips for your e-casting

Here are the 8 quick tips for preparing for an e-casting (models) in short bullet points:

  1. Suitable background: Choose a decent background
  2. Good light: ensure even, bright light
  3. Stability: Use a tripod or stable base
  4. Matching outfits: Wear outfits according to the requirements
  5. Follow the instructions: Follow the casting instructions exactly
  6. Different shots: Take several shots from different angles
  7. Camera settings: Set the camera correctly
  8. File formats: Check the required file formats and sizes, and always pay attention to whether you should film in landscape or portrait format

Model agency casting

The agency casting marks the starting point of your modeling career. Prepare yourself: simple appearance, simple clothing and minimal make-up. At the casting you get to know the team, measurements are taken, Polaroids are taken, you show off your skills and there is a team meeting.

7 quick tips for your agency casting

Simple appearance, self-confidence and good preparation, just like later at castings and jobs.

  1. Casting duration: 5 to 30 minutes
  2. Simple clothing, no make-up / styling
  3. Get to know each other, agency and model
  4. Take measurements, shoot Polaroids
  5. Small catwalk, introduction video
  6. Team meeting
  7. Decision via e-mail or telephone

Learn more here for your first casting at a model agency:

Further tips for models

Here are some tips for your next fashion show, your casting for it and for posing.

Catwalk tips: Learn to walk

Discover the secrets of an elegant catwalk and learn how to build self-confidence and charisma. The catwalk is your playing field and we’ll show you how to shine on it.

Posing tips: Learn facial expressions & body language

Get ready for the camera! Learn to master your facial expressions and body language and discover the art of posing. Your versatility in front of the lens will make you stand out in the world of modeling.

PS: How do we find new models?

How do we actually find new models at CM Models?

Online application: simply on your smartphone

The easiest way to apply as a model is online, at any time of day and in just a few seconds.

Model Boutique Castings: Come along live

Once or twice a year we go on a boutique casting tour. Why fashion boutiques? Where are you closer to fashion than in the city?

Castings in our model agency

Twice a year we also invite people directly to our model agency. Here is a little insight: