Napapijri: brand, windbreaker, travel bag & outdoor fashion for men & women

Napapijri – functionality and fashionable design, that’s what the fashion brand stands for, which was founded in 1987 during the Mont Blanc expedition. The outdoor clothing and sportswear is suitable for any season due to the innovative materials. The label pays special attention to nature and animal protection. For example, no real down or fur is used in the winter jackets. The name of the brand comes from the Finnish and stands for “Northern Arctic Circle”. In this article you can learn more about the history and spectacular successes of the brand.

History of Napapijri: Italian origin

Napapijri is a brand whose name sounds strange and mysterious. “Napapijri” is the Finnish name for the Arctic Circle. However, this does not mean that the brand originates from Finland. The Napapijri company was founded in 1987 in Italy, in the city of Aosta. The founders of the Napapijri brand used the highest peak in the Alps – Mont Blanc as their inspiration. The brand was born from the initiative of famous explorers who were fascinated by the Arctic Circle. Each Napapijri product is a result of this fascination.

Bering Bag and Skidoo – Spectacular successes of the brand

The first product of Napapijri was the Bering Bag travel bag. An important inspiration for its creation were great voyages of discovery. The Bering Bag model very quickly became a real icon. Even today, this bag is the most famous model of the Italian brand. Bering Bag travel bag is a reflection of Napapijri philosophy. The bag is characterized by its cylindrical shape. The model takes its name from the soldier and sailor Vitus Bering, who explored the Arctic Sea in the eighteenth century on behalf of Tsarina Catherine II.

These are not all the innovations of the brand Napapijri. Soon the brand also began to produce high-quality outdoor clothing. Quickly, this clothing gained importance among fans of long trips. The Italian brand wanted to achieve the highest possible position in the market. Therefore, its founders focused on stylish products made of the highest quality materials. Among jackets, sweatshirts and pants that can be adapted to different weather conditions and have an interesting design, there is also Skidoo jacket – the most famous hit of Napapijri, which was introduced to the market in 1990.

Special materials and new technologies led to the fact that the Skidoo jacket was a major breakthrough in the development of the brand. The innovative jacket was a good answer to important needs of all travelers and outdoor sportsmen. What contributed to its phenomenon? There were some important factors that caused this great popularity of the model. Among the most important was its original design. The Skidoo jacket is characterized by its traditional line of Inuit anoraks. In addition, the jacket is well suited for the most extreme thermal conditions (just like Eskimo clothing). The phenomenon of the Skidoo jacket was a big surprise. The founders of Napapijri decided to exploit its potential. And so in 1997 they expanded the line with pants and accessories related to the model Skidoo.

Steps to success: Skidoo jacket & Karl Lagerfeld

After the success of the Skidoo jacket appeared new campaigns and new products, the quality and design of which met even the most demanding customers. Each new collection of Napapijri was a successful attempt to convince customers that the past and the present can form the future.

The brand was always looking for new challenges. In 1998 it debuted on the Japanese market and five years later it tied a collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld. The Skidoo jacket was again the main point of a collection launched on the market during this collaboration. In 2007 Napapijri presented another novelty, and that was Napapijri shoes. These extremely comfortable and safe city and trekking shoes have enjoyed great popularity from the very beginning. The expansion of the offer allowed further development of the brand. In 2009, there were 50 boutiques on the market and three years later there were already over 100!

History at a glance

Here you will find the history of the Italian brand once again in brief:

  • 1987: Foundation in Italy, in the city of Aosta
  • First product: Bering Bag travel bag
  • 1990: Introduction of the Skidoo jacket – the most famous hit.
  • 1997: Expansion of the line with pants and accessories
  • 1998: Debut on the Japanese market
  • 2004: Collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld
  • 2007: Introduction of shoes
  • 2009: 50 boutiques on the market
  • 2012: Over 100 boutiques on the market

Napapijri x Zalando with Taron Egerton

Design, sustainability and innovation come together in this campaign that unites the past and the future of the brand. The past, as a memory of a time when nature inspired the creation of the first jacket. The future as the only possible choice to preserve this same nature and origin. In the campaign, brand ambassador Taron Egerton wears the iconic Rainforest Pocket jacket, now made from recycled polyester.

Q&A: Napapijri

Napapijri is the absolute cult brand when it comes to outdoor clothing. Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the brand:

When was the brand founded?

Napapijri was founded in Italy in 1987.

What does the name Napapijri mean?

The name comes from the Finnish and stands for “Northern Arctic Circle”.

How to pronounce the brand Napapijri?

They say “na-pa-pie-rie”, the “J” is silent. The Finnish word from which the name originated is spelled “Napapiiri”, so it is closer to the actual pronunciation. The third syllable -pii- has a long “ie” as in “Tuesday”. There are people who try to pronounce the “J” in “Napapijri”.

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