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Wrangler – The Wrangler brand stands not only for high-quality jeans fashion, but also for a non-conformist attitude to life that emphasizes the value of freedom. This statement may seem a little pompous at first glance, but is nevertheless true. The clothes of the fashion brand have the claim to support you in every situation in life and in every conceivable situation in the best possible way. They are not clothes that shine only with proper care and only in selected situations. In this article you will learn more about the history, logo and clothing of the jeans brand Wrangler.

The history of Wrangler

Wrangler is a brand of clothing, especially jeans, founded in 1904 in the USA. Before Wrangler became Wrangler, there was the Blue Bell brand, which was acquired by the Casey Jones family in the 1940s. At that time, the brand was still based in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Blue Bell label employed a Polish tailor named Bernard Lichtenstein, who had worked closely with cowboys. It was not without reason that Bernd Lichtenstein was also called Rodeo Ben, because he knew a lot about cowboys, rodeos and the clothes that went with them. His training came in handy and so he developed a jeans design for rodeo riding, so that the cowboys would be comfortable on the horse and wouldn’t have to constantly buy new jeans because the old ones had torn through. So the first idea was to outfit the cowboys completely. Shirts, jackets and especially denim pants were very popular. This is where the Wrangler jeans had their origin.

What is behind the name Wrangler?

It is precisely this material that the founders of the US label Wrangler made use of: As early as 1936, under the name Blue Bell Overall Company, the now world-famous brand developed a denim fabric that reduced the shrinkage effect after washing to just one percent – a revolution in those days when jeans were primarily used as workwear. The impetus for this came from Bernard Lichtenstein, also known as “Rodeo Ben.” The Polish-born tailor designed for the still young brand and had the rough lifestyle of cowboys in mind, including rodeo riding. Lichtenstein recognized the potential of hard-wearing workwear and developed the processing of denim fabrics accordingly.

Cowboys had to be able to move well on horseback; weatherproof clothing – easy to care for and easy to clean – was a must. With his jeans version, Lichtenstein convinced the demanding farm workers and the first customers not only became brand ambassadors, but also gave the brand its name: Translated, “Wrangler” simply means “cattle drover.

American style from Wrangler

Wrangler is a fashion brand from America with which you can be active every day. It creates not only the dull everyday office life beyond all measure, but also sporting activities. Since the beginning of the brand it was important to create freedom of movement and comfort. It’s not for nothing that the whole Wrangler story started with a cowboy. Real life experience is inspiration for Wrangler and so the label’s designers address real life situations. Wrangler lives by the motto that clothing must meet people’s needs, not the other way around. And with that, the label has more than succeeded. Millions of people wear their Wrangler jeans every day and that’s mainly because the innovative design of yesteryear has remained the same and has only ever improved.

Since 2004, Wrangler has changed their brand policy a little and now wanted to address not only adults, but also children and teenagers. Thus, for the first time, current cuts came on the market, which dealt with hip pants, but also wide cuts and current colors and washes such as the used look effect. Until this year, Wrangler had not given any thought to pants for teenagers.

Clothing: Legendary jeans in all styles

Today, there are many styles that Wrangler Jeans picks up and so you will also find a pair of pants that is made for you. From classic bootcut jeans to straight leg and slim fit, everything is there. Also other, newer models such as tapared, boyfriend and skinny jeans are available for men and women. Wrangler keeps up with the times and gives customers what they want. In addition, there are other casual pants, tops, shirts, shoes and belts all made by Wrangler. What once started with Wrangler is far from over.
It’s not for nothing that Wrangler is one of the leading jeans brands and promises you nothing the label can’t deliver. Since 1947 it offers its wearers the highest comfort and convenience. Newly added fashion trends to be up to date for today’s wearers. Thus, it adapts perfectly to the circumstances of everyday life and is a wonderful companion for every day, every hour and every second.

Billabong x Wrangler: denim meets boardshorts

The best of denim meets the best of boardshorts. The Billabong x Wrangler collection celebrates two heritage brands driven by the same obsession: Creating pieces you want to live in forever.

Q&A: Wrangler

You want to become a model? Then you must know the brand Wrangler. Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the brand:

Where does the Wrangler brand come from?

The Wrangler brand comes from the USA.

When was the brand founded?

It was founded in 1904.

What is the brand known for?

The brand is known for legendary Jenas.

Who founded Wrangler?

C.C. Hudson is the founder of Wrangler.

Interview with Dennis Reis

Jeff Chadwick, Wrangler’s director of special events, sat down with Dennis Reis of Universal Horsemanship to talk about the Wrangler brand’s involvement in rodeo and programs like Tough Enough to Wear Pink and the Wrangler National Patriot Tour.

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