G-Star RAW Videos: Jeans, Jeans, Jeans! Campaigns, celebrities and interviews

G-Star Raw – A Dutch fashion and jeans brand, which produces clothing for women, men and children. The denim brand is best known for its jeans and is one of the largest jeans houses in the world. It all started in 1989 under the name “Gapstar” in Belgium and the Netherlands. Today’s headquarters are located in Amsterdam. Everything about the fashion brand G-Star.

G-Star RAW: Campaigns around “RAW” and denim

In recent years, the brand launched several campaigns on different themes. Check out the “RAW” and denim themed campaigns here!

The art of “RAW

The campaign from 2013 deals with the fascination and endless possibilities of denim.

The Rhythm of Denim

The collection is inspired by the urban tap dance movement. G-STAR RAW creates with this collection an impressive and intense experience.

Cooperations with stars and starlets

Many VIP’s, such as musician Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dog, Jaden Smith and stunt double Sarah Lezito, have cooperated with G-Star RAW and launched their own collections.

Pharrell Williams: Focus on the environment

Singer Pharrell Williams and G-STAR RAW have designed the eco-friendly collection “RAW for the oceans”. Pharrell and the denim label worked together for two years. This collaboration has now become a long-term partnership and Pharrell is co-owner of the label.

Snoop Dog: collection with own hit

The collaboration between the rapper Snoop Dog and the jeans brand G-STAR RAW took place as part of the international hardcore denim campaign. For this, the rapper has even created a custom version of his song “Say It Witcha Booty”.

Jaden Smith: The beauty of nature

Musician Jaden Smith’s collection in collaboration with G-STAR RAW is all about the beauty and power of nature. Therefore, the collection was made from sustainable materials. The collection consists of three color schemes that symbolize the powerful forces of nature.

Sarah Lezito: A collection for every situation

The collection of World Champion stuntwoman and stunt double of Scarlett Johansson Sarah Lezito and G-STAR RAW was launched in November 2021. The cooperation resulted in a combination of rebellious attitude and perfectionist mentality.

G-Star RAW: A jeans forever

G-Star RAW’s goal is to make jeans that can be worn for a lifetime or longer.

Wear Your Denim Till the End

G-STAR RAW tailors jeans that last a lifetime or even longer. With this, the label wants to encourage its customers to think responsibly. Watch the commercial here!

What is behind the fire?

The jeans brand focuses on durability and therefore wants to enable its customers the best jeans.

Interview with Brand Manager Remco de Nijs

Brand Manager Remco de Nijs explains in this video what makes G-STAR RAW so unique. He talks about different work processes and what else is behind the brand.