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Converse Videos – Converse shoes are absolute design classics. The typical white cap and the round logo make the models unique compared to other shoe manufacturers. Converse relies on tradition and so the Converse All Star has not changed in form and material since its creation. Only in terms of color or ornamentation, Converse offers everything from sequins, flowers, checks, to Grafittis, to plain variants that the heart desires.

True fans of the brand love their Converse only when they look so properly registered. Thus, the brand has now evolved from basketball shoes to everyday all-rounders.

Converse campaigns

Converse shines with its authentic campaigns. The focus here is on the connection to people and the personal identification with oneself. The focus of many campaigns is on people themselves who have inspired other people in some way or situations that happen to people every day.

Converse Basketball All Star BB

With the basketball campaigns, the brand supports its new basketball shoe. From legend Julius “Dr. J” Erving to modern playmakers Kelly Oubre Jr, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Natasha Cloud, fluid creativity on and off the court has always advanced the game.

Converse All Stars Campaign

All Stars dare to be bold, accept what sets them apart, and have the courage to take the first step forward. In their relentless pursuit of progress, the All Stars are changing the game so that everyone can play. This aspiration is expressed in a new film made by All Stars for All Stars.

‘The Real Cool Converse Club

A campaign by US rapper Tyler The Creator, who has been working with Converse for several years, designing shoes and projects for Converse. In his campaign ‘The Real Cool Converse Club’ the rapper shows that everyone, no matter what scene or what world he belongs to, you are always cool with a Converse shoe and also possibly create new social environments with it. Whether punk, rocker or athlete the All Star is made for everyone.

Converse Shapes Campaign

What if clothing design was designed to be gender neutral? That’s the question we tried to solve. The basic idea is simple: you determine the clothes, not the clothes you. Converse Shapes is a new kind of clothing essential. 5 pieces, 4 sizes, 1 collection for every body.

Converse Spotlight: All Star Series

Converse likes to use their brand as a platform to give young and inspiring artists a way to present themselves and show the public. You can find here interviews with artists and designers or live performances of singers and rappers from the US-American area.

Interview with Virgil Abloh & Samuel Ross

As part of the Converse All Star Series, our own Jimmy Manley, Senior Special Projects, spoke with Virgil Abloh and Samuel Ross about mentorship through creativity and the next generation of trailblazers. Also joining the conversation are All Stars Kobkit, Godswill Dlamini and Agata Panucci. The Converse All Star Series is an ongoing experience for a global community of All Stars to develop their voices and talents together.

Interview with Joshua Videos

As part of the Converse All Star Series, host Bimma Williams sat down with Joshua Vides to talk about creative intent and turning art into a career. Also on the show are All Stars Ofek, Pedro and Kwame.

Converse All Stars Live

Rapper and singer Taylor Bennett, brother of famous rapper Chance the Rapper will perform at All Star Night Live on November 17, 2020.

Converse contribution

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